Can You KavaNOT?

Jo Kibble, Julia Becker, and Heather Boyd hold their signs to oncoming traffic during the protest at Miller Park on September 28, 2018. The protest started as a group on Facebook as a direct response to the Kavanaugh-Ford testimonies (Photo by Troy Stolt).

By Haley Bartlett, Assistant News Editor—

Whether you follow politics or not, it’s hard to miss the so called “trial” and investigation of Brett Kavanaugh and the allegations of sexual assault against him. When Dr. Ford bravely came forward and said she would share her testimony, sexual assault survivors across the nation stood beside her. However, we were all left rather disappointed when the investigation amounted to nothing, and Kavanaugh was appointed anyways.

The complete disregard to Dr. Ford and any other survivor by not fully investigating the allegations only sends the message that we don’t matter. In this day and age, women and even men affected need to know their voices matter and that their stories can transpire change. The FBI failed to interview several people that wanted to come forward, including Kavanaugh’s college roommate. The inadequate procedures makes the corruptness in our political system apparent as well as the bias that is an underlying problem in any issue our society faces.

There has always been a huge stigma surrounding the idea of coming forward about one’s assault. Many victims fear that once they do, actions will not be taken and they will be violated once more by being disregarded. With recent movements such as #MeToo, one would think the stigma would lessen, but three separate women came forward about Kavanaugh with no actions taken. So what message does that send to the survivors of our nation or across the globe? Instead of moving forward, this investigation or lack there of  seems to be backtracking what needs to be accomplished.

With a 50-48 vote, Kavanaugh will be able to act as a voice speaking for the nation, but how can one be a just voice if they try to silence those that want the most fundamental parts of human rights and actions taken against their aggressor? Kavanaugh’s interview is not the first nor will be the last case that ends on a disappointing decision in relation to sexual assault. However, it is one that stings a little more due to the level of importance it has to our nation. As a Supreme Court Justice, he can and will be an influencer in cases dealing with women’s rights and many other progressive acts people have fought for. The decision to appoint Kavanaugh will prove to be the starting spark to a fire many don’t want, leaving survivors and anyone affected by the decisions made going forward burned.


Kyle Gentner

Kyle Gentner

Opinion Editor

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