Hayden Seay, Chattanooga, Tenn., — Exchange stress for scares and try visiting the cemetery across East Fifth Street from Holt Hall and the UC.
Not only a sight to see during fall, the cemetery is a frequent of many, including the occasional spectator.
Herb Deloche, employee of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who maintain the site, said the cemetery was formed in 1867, and the soldiers who died during the war were moved from their original graves to their current locations.
The cemetery contains many graves, including those of Captain S.J.A Frazier, who designed “Hill City,” now known as North Chattanooga.
Connie Hall-Scott, author of the book, “Haunted Dalton, Georgia,” and the operator of Dalton Ghost Tours, said, “The truth about cemeteries being haunted is more often than not you are not going to get hauntings in cemeteries, simply because it’s the shell that’s left, and the spirit is not likely to hang around.”
In other words, ghosts are not likely to hang around a cemetery based on if they are buried on its premises, but there are other reasons why they might be there.
“You are most likely going to find ghosts at locations that meant something to them, whether it’s their home, somewhere they loved to go, a theater, or somewhere with a lot of energy,” Hall-Scott said. “[Ghosts manifest themselves] by taking energy from other sources, whether it’s electrical or an actual person.”
Ghosts might be at cemeteries because they are visiting the grave of someone who meant a lot to them during their lives or for other reasons.
Bill Parker, former vice president of the UTC Paranormal Scientific Investigators, encountered the paranormal on several occasions at the cemetery.
Parker said, “I’ve seen shadow figures, and the smell of cigar smoke in the pavilion. One time, I saw a shadow figure behind a tree. I immediately looked over, and there was nothing there. Around the same area, I saw someone walking along.”
Students on campus hold a variety of beliefs when it comes to the paranormal.
“I’ve heard people’s opinions who I genuinely trust who are very rational and logical about stuff,” Jared Presley, a senior from Harrison, Ohio said.
“My brother is a nurse in El Paso, Texas, and half of the military hospital was cut off as it used to be an insane asylum. I don’t know if we will ever prove it, but I think there is something to it.”
Other students, including Autumn Farley, a sophomore from Harrison, Tenn., and Maya Rogers, a senior from Nolensville, Tenn., believe that although paranormal phenomenon has not been proven, there is still a chance it is possible.
“I have nothing telling me it’s not real and nothing telling me it actually is real,” Farley said. “I believe it is possible.”
Rogers said, “There is not a lot of founded research on paranormal phenomenon. There are mentions of it through history books and even strange occurrences happen nowadays that are not explainable.”
On the other hand, some students do not believe in the paranormal, including Ian Scott, a junior from Chattanooga.
Scott said, “I’m pretty skeptical of it. It’s the psychology of the mind. People want to be afraid, but I do not think there is any real paranormal activity going on. It makes for great movies.”
Whether or not the cemetery is haunted may never be known, but paranormal activity is something students are open to discussing.

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