‘Chatt Nasty’ climbers collect successes throughout spring season

Contributed photo by  Meagan Fairchild
Climbing into popularity: Erin Wathen, a sophomore from Nashville, is a member of UTC’s climbing team. “Chatt Nasty” has made a name for itself since its beginning in 2010. They defeated the climbing team at Belmont University last Saturday.

By Natalie Powers, Chattanooga, TN—The UTC climbing team came out on top against Belmont at the Crag at Cool Spring climbing gym Feb. 15.

The UTC “Chatt Nasty” climbing team is making a name for itself in the competitive climbing craze that has caught on in most schools in the Southeast.

Indoor climbing teams promote the forming of teams composed of college students to be a part of climbing competitions.

Team “Chatt Nasty” formed its team in 2010 and has been making progress in getting student involvement and awareness for their program.

“Climbing is a great way to meet new people, go on adventures and have fun doing something good for you,” team vice president Jennifer Poe, a sophomore from Nashville, said.

The team has been doing an exceptional job at making a name for itself this season.

UTC beat Belmont’s climbing team this past Saturday and the team was “psyched,” Poe said. Poe stole the show for the women’s competition coming first place. The men’s team was not far behind when Kyle Howard, president of “Chatt Nasty,” clinched second place.

Poe said that the climbing team works really hard during the week and each member invests a lot of time to get better.

“We practice three times a week at UTC’s gym, and at TBA [a local climbing gym], but we like to have fun too. I think that’s what it is about, keeping that balance,” Poe said.

Poe said that anyone can compete at climbing competitions as a solo climber, but it is better to be on a team.

“Having a constant motivation pushes you when you are stuck on a problem, and it’s fun to have friend to get psyched on climbing with,” Poe said.

“Chatt Nasty” won the regional competition last year and has big plans to do the same this year.

This weekend  “Chatt Nasty” travels to Knoxville to go up against University of Tennessee’s climbing team and Poe encourages that students come support the team, and to check climbing out.

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