By Joakim Roth, Chattanooga, TN –October and fall have finally arrived to Chattanooga, bringing along a slight breeze and the scenic color change. Chattanooga is known for its popular outdoor scenery; Sunset Rock, Ruby Falls, Rock City and Rainbow Lake to list a few.
The Echo decided to highlight some of the best hiking trails and sights from UTC students. Here is a list of a few different places in Chattanooga to go catch some breathtaking views:

According to, Lookout Mountain is ranked number 3 out of 67 attractions to catch a glimpse of in Chattanooga. Lookout Mountains hosts several different popular scenic views: Ruby Falls and Rock City. Lookout is also minutes from the Incline Railway that rides up the mountain.

Erin McKinney, a senior from Nashville, said if you want a great view of the city her favorite place to go to is Sunset Rock on Lookout Mountain.

“I just love going up there and looking out over Chattanooga. I feel like on Signal Mountain you get a pretty view of the river, but on Sunset Rock you can see the whole city,” McKinney said. “I love going up there and seeing how pretty of a city Chattanooga is.”

Zack Avello, a sophomore from Murfreesboro, Tenn., said Sunset Rock is the best place to catch the sun set.

“Sunset Rock is so majestic. It’s something else to see the valley and other mountains around,” Avello said. “It’s the best place to see the sun set. Nothing beats  that.”

Ethan Buyer, a junior from Memphis, says that if you are looking to go on an adventurous hike, the Cumberland Trail on Signal Mountain will give you a worthy nature experience.

“I totally recommend the Cumberland Trail. The trail starts out along the Tennessee River, so you have a nice view for part of the trail,” Buyer said.

If you are looking to climb and do some bouldering, Buyer said that there is some big rocks to climb on part of the trail.

“I went hiking there the other day and it was just so nice to start out with a great view of the river and then end up getting some bouldering and climbing in,” Buyer said. “The weather is cooling down, so now is the time to get out and do some afternoon hiking and climbing.”


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