Eve Hermann, Chattanooga, Tenn. – The Chattanooga Symphony is performing at the Sheraton Read House Silver Ballroom Feb. 23 at 3 p.m.

The program for the concert includes Flutes en Vacances by Casterede, Concerto for Two Trumpets in C Major by Vivaldi, and Symphony No. 40 by Mozart.

Conductor Kayoko Dan said the event venue was special because of the intimate setting the Silver Ballroom allows.

“We set up the orchestra in the middle and then people sit around us.” said Dan. “It’s not a hall so it’s a more intimate feeling because the people are much closer to us”

Dan chose the pieces for the program. She said she chose Flutes en Vacances because it allowed her to play her flute and she chose the Vivaldi because it would feature the ensemble’s best trumpet players.

Dan said she chose Mozart No. 40 as the highlight of the program because it would compliment the Vivaldi piece.

“I thought about what would compliment Vivaldi and I thought Mozart No. 40 because it’s a beautiful piece that everyone knows. “ Dan said. “It was one of the last pieces that he wrote and it’s more mature than his others.”

“It really highlights all of his skills as a composer and it’s one of those pieces that almost 90% of the population would recognize.”

Dan said it was important for students to go to this event because it’s important to experience these works live.

“These are all fantastic pieces,” Dan said, “Vivaldi and Mozart are super skilled as composers.”

“It’s always important to experience these works live. You can get recordings and experience it at home but to witness these highly skilled musicians perform live take the piece to a whole other level.”

Dan said she hopes that students would be inspired by the passion and hard work these musicians put behind the music even if they aren’t musicians themselves.

“Classical music paved the way for the music we have today,” Walter Harrington, a Springfield senior, said. “A lot of people view that music as boring or old but we wouldn’t have the music that we have today without it.”

“It’s much better to experience this music live than on a recording,” Harrington said. “When you go there and the sound is all around you , it’s an experience you can’t get listening at home.”

Tickets are available through the Chattanooga Symphony’s box office and are $15 for students with their student ID.

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