By Cole Winton—Advertising Manager

I was sitting in an open floor plan coffee shop called Camp House. After a few cups of warm coffee, I found the urge to relieve myself. This poses the question: “Where is the bathroom?” More importantly: “How nice is the bathroom?” Both of these questions stir up a bit of anxiety in me; the irrational fear that I might not be able to find the bathroom on time or even find it enjoyable is ever-present. However, I found neither of these to be an issue at Camp House.

The bathroom here, while not the most aesthetically pleasing bathroom I have ever seen, is still considered exceptional for a couple of reasons. First of these being the bathroom’s accessibility. As I mentioned before, a common fear is not knowing where the bathroom is or being able to get there in time. Camp House locates its bathroom in an open hallway that allows accessibility from two entrances. “It’s very accessible, as an older guy, it’s nice to have close by,” says Wayne, a Chattanooga local and Camp House regular. 

The discussion on how the bathroom looks is debatable. While it isn’t a bathroom that makes me want to say, “Wow,” it does make me want to say, “Thank you.” Camp House’s bathroom offers what you need to get the job done with a touch of rustic flair. “It’s better than my home bathroom … It even has a urinal,” says Wayne. With minimal decor other than flowers and utilized exposed pipework, the bathroom is simple and usable. Available to you is good lighting, a storage cabinet with extra paper products, and optimal space.

After careful evaluation, the Camp House bathroom is a 5.7/10.

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