By Cole Winton—Advertising Manager

Recently, a beloved staple to UTC students was put on pause. A familiar, late night destination that I have had the privilege of visiting for the past two years was forever changed. The McDonald’s on East 3rd Street was renovated.

This unforeseen blow had me in a vow of silence and utter disbelief. I parked my car and took one last visit inside. With tears welling up in my eyes, I ran for the bathroom. In a whirlwind of emotion, my feelings were instantly reversed in a glance.

The previous bathroom was a nightmare. A single, once-white sink, drooped slightly to the right revealing dirt and soap scum. A wastebasket struggled to contain the overflow of paper towels that would eventually hide the floor. A toilet—not even worthy of a porta-potty—sat in the back corner, begging to be cleaned. All of this was surrounded by a stench that resulted in a face like the Grinch. But even the Grinch received grace and had a change of heart.

McDonald’s new bathroom, while not the best I’ve ever seen, is a remarkable turnaround from it’s previous condition. This new space offers a neutral and relaxing environment, cleanliness, and updated appliances. Large graphite colored tiles make up the majority of the walls. This look is accompanied by appliances such as the stainless steel, World Dryer SLIMdry automatic hand dryer and a graffiti-free toilet paper holder.

Hugh, a Chattanooga tourist visiting from Knoxville expressed, “My bathroom at home holds a special place in my heart, but this was a nice break from the usual public bathroom.” A good bathroom does not have to have an arrogant remark on your experience, it just has to humbly perform above the rest. This space does just that.

With all the changes mentioned above, one thing remains true at McDonalds: After all of its renovations and upgrades, the ice cream machine is already “broke” just two weeks out.

After careful evaluation, the McDonald’s bathroom on East 3rd Street is a 6.3/10.

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