By Chloe Grigsby, Staff Writer-


The live music scene continues to grow in Chattanooga through local venues offering food, community, and catchy toons.

Concerts can be found in many places for the people of Chattanooga such as local coffee shops and through a newer trend of house shows.

The Spot located on East Main Street is a restaurant, coffee shop, and venue for local musicians to come and perform.

Evan Patrick, alumni of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a worker for The Spot, says the energy at the restaurant is very easy going and the music nights can be busy or relaxed depending on the artist performing.

Patrick says he has attended the music nights at the restaurant because he is “the drummer for a band called Moon Hollow who performs at The Spot.”

There are frequent concerts at the restaurant with tickets available online.

The restaurant operating hours are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, with

tables for dining or a high-top bar for drinks and the opportunity to commune with other locals.

The trend of house shows takes the idea of a house people live in and turns it into a venue where concerts and social events are held on occasion.

Emma Hoffman, a student at UTC, says her roommates on campus shared a love of going to concerts in the Chattanooga area, which led to the idea of holding music shows in their own house now referred to as The Submarine.

Hoffman says, “We started off with just our close friends playing at our house…then word has gotten out and people usually reach out to us when they want to play.”

The community for the house shows continues to expand with the last show at The Submarine being 150 people and growing.

The Submarine tries to hold a concert once a month and does most of its business through its Instagram page. 

The most recent concert coming up is on Valentine’s Day with an anti-Valentine’s Day theme, where people can dress up and come to experience live punk music.

The local music scene in Chattanooga offers many concerts per month in a variety of settings and is becoming the city for music lovers everywhere.

For more information on concerts coming up at The Spot visit:

For more information for concerts at The Submarine visit: Instagram @TheSubmarine4004.

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