‘Clean and Green’ helps improve city

By Eleanor Angel, Chattanooga, TN–Clean & Green Day will be held April 6, from 8:30 a.m. until noon and is an opportunity for students at UTC to help make the city more beautiful by making it clean and green.

According to a press release, Clean & Green “has enlisted the help of over 60 businesses and civic groups totaling 1,650 volunteers who adopted an area or neighborhood of downtown, rolled up their sleeves, and made a difference.”

Through the efforts of Clean & Green, the city of Chattanooga has been improved in many ways in order to help the quality of life for those who call the city of Chattanooga home, according to the release.

During the time that Clean & Green has been in existence, “Over 3,000 bags of trash have been collected; graffiti has been removed from over 100 buildings and monuments; 55 city blocks have been cleaned multiple times; downtown greenery has been tended to; and problems with city infrastructure like vandalism, potholes, and damaged bus stops have been reported,” according to a news release.

Carol Oglesby, Coordinator of Student Civic Engagement and Physical Health Education and Promotion Division of Student Development, said students will have the opportunity to “Go into areas such as vacant lots or places that have graffiti and lend a hand to the city to clean and get rid of things like trash so that we can improve the looks of the city.”

Oglesby recommends UTC students getting involved because it makes you feel like a better person.

“You contribute where you live. Responsibilities of citizens of Chattanooga are to help our community whenever we can, however we can,” Oglesby said. “We have dozens of organizations in Chattanooga that need help from those of us that can afford the help.”

Oglesby said that Clean & Green Day is a way for students to get involved in something that is going to make a huge impact on the city of Chattanooga for the better.

Teams will be sent out to work all over the downtown area as well as in many downtown neighborhoods, she said.

The UTC Clean & Green Team will be meeting in Lansing Court at 8 a.m. On April 6 and will be provided with supplies and breakfast and will then be sent out into their assigned areas.

If students are interested in participating in this event or have any questions concerning the event, they can contact Carol Oglesby at Carol-Oglesby@utc.edu or call her at (423)425-2337.

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