College students interning at the “happiest place on Earth”

By Brittany Dillman, Staff Writer —

With every passing semester of stressful classes involving too much homework, tests that look nothing like the study guide and a dreadful group project worth five percent of your grade, students debate between running away from their college problems to start a new adventure and finishing their college degree as quickly as possible.

For these students who want the best of both worlds, they need to look no farther than “the happiest place on earth”: Walt Disney World.

College students have the opportunity to participate in a semester-long paid internship called The Disney College Program, The DCP for short.  The program is a highly competitive internship that allows college students to live and work in Disney World to gain on-the-job experience, participate in college coursework through the program and spend off time enjoying and exploring the Disney Parks.

“I have been researching the DCP since my junior year of high school and found out that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn under the best company in the world,” said UTC sophomore and Fall 2018 DCP member Hannah Mesecher. “This is an absolute dream come true since working at Disney is what I want to do with my future.”  

The program offers a long list of possible jobs for college students that have them being hands-on in creating magic for the thousands of guests that visit Disney every day. There are those who operate the rides within the park, who entertain the guests through performing in parades and meet and greets, who help manage and clean the Disney resorts and who work at the many restaurants and retail stores Disney offers.

Students are not only working during this semester but also have the opportunity to take Disney education courses that can transfer to their universities for college credit. Disney additionally allows students to schedule in homework hours within their weekly work schedule for those who still take online classes through their universities while doing the program. While working and learning, there is Disney provided housing complexes located close to the parks where DCP members live with their peers also doing the program.

For those who believe they can handle the required work and wish to experience something truly unique, The Disney College Program is something to consider. Upon completion, it stands as an internship in a recognized company to list on your resume and provide you with new skills.

“I was able to meet people from all over the world and build networks with people that I wouldn’t have normally met if I hadn’t participated in the program,” said Savannah Bennett a UTC senior and DCP alumni.

For more information on The Disney College program visit their website at

Grace Stafford

Grace Stafford

Features Editor

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