College & The Thrill of Spontaneity

By Abigail Frazier, News Editor—

If you are anything like me, you know that the best decisions made are the ones that are last minute and spontaneous. Well, maybe not every time, but especially in times like what happened over my fall break.

What started as a last minute camping trip with my best friend to a surprise visit from my mom, ended with the a very impulsive, very exciting trip to Atlanta.

Now, this was not just any trip to Atlanta. Originally, the plan for this road trip was to spend a day in Nashville with my good friend Katie. However, when we were about thirty minutes out from arriving, Katie and I decided to turn around to drive three and a half hours the opposite direction to attend a BROCKHAMPTON concert.

That might scare some people, that may even be just a huge waste of gas, but neither of us regret that decision.

It all started when I grabbed the aux cord to play BROCKHAMPTON’s new album, “IRIDESCENCE.” Little did I know that Katie was also very much into this band, *cough cough* the “world’s greatest boy band.” Side note: if you have not taken a moment to listen to this band, stop what you are doing right now and take a chance.

As soon as “NEW ORLEANS” came on, Katie knew exactly what was playing. From there, I mentioned how I had heard they were playing a show in Atlanta. That is when she looked at me with this intense stare implying “we have to turn around.”

We then bought two of the last few tickets, which were VIP and only $38, filled up the gas tank, and headed to Atlanta. The drive was long and we were late, but only by five minutes.

The concert was so worth it. We got to see a band that we both love, then we got to spend a day in an exciting city.

The next day we had brunch at this incredible restaurant, Sun in My Belly, saw the movie “A Simple Favor,” and I spontaneously got my ears pierced. Safe to say, a lot of spontaneous decisions were made that weekend.

Not only was the concert incredible and each little moment in between, but the excitement of taking a risks like these made the experience that much more enjoyable.

Sometimes going after something you want seems frightening, especially in the moment of the decision process, but even if it is as simple as saying yes to a concert, pay attention to your gut feeling and go after it. More often than not, you will not regret it.  

College is the perfect time to go on spontaneous adventures like this with those closest to you. Whether it be camping, a concert, a road trip, or even seeing that movie you have been waiting for, take those moments and enjoy them. Now is the time.

Kyle Gentner

Kyle Gentner

Opinion Editor

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