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By Kirsten Raper, News Editor –

After living in the Chattanooga area for my entire life, you would think that I would be used to the insane back and forth weather patterns. However, even after 22 years of living here, I still act surprised when I see snow in April.

That’s right, early this morning, April 16, it was so cold that it actually snowed. Last week everyone on campus was wearing shorts and tank tops, but today everyone had to bring their winter coats back out because the high only reached 49 degrees.

Ultimately this commentary is just a rant about how I need the weather to make up its mind. It has been spring for almost a month now, and it’s time for winter to give it up.

The rest of the week is supposed to just as all over the place as the last few days. Highs range from the uppers 70s to lows of 40 degrees. Hopefully Mother Nature will pull it together at least by graduation.

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