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By Kyle Yager, Assistant Sports Editor —

Hurricane Irma has created more buzz than any national disaster has in years. The path and size has created much cause for concern as many have evacuated from Florida and surrounding states in preparation.

With such a threatening storm, it inevitably has affected all sporting events in its path. For fantasy football owners, their awareness and attention to up-to-date information on statuses is key. This brings up the question of what players and games have been impacted by the storm.

The Miami Dolphins’ home opener versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was rescheduled to week 11 because of the storm. This essentially made week one the teams’ only bye week, and forces both teams to play 16 straight regular season games.

This rescheduling made owners bench several key players, including: Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston and wide receiver Mike Evans, and Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi and wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Owners were compelled to start players that were lower on the depth chart and originally on their benches, and created a lower scoring fantasy weak for many participants.

Fantasy owners that did not evacuate areas in Irma’s path were also affected by power outages, which took away their potential viewing of all other remaining NFL games.

Hurricane Irma’s impact was felt nationwide on a much more serious level, but its influence on Fantasy Football cannot be ignored. It should be interesting to see how the Buccaneers and Dolphins perform as they enter a bye-less remaining regular season.

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