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By Haley Doss, Opinion Editor —

This week I was shocked with news that my Nana had a heart attack. With four blocked blood veins, she was rushed to ICU for a stent procedure.

As a young grandmother, this was extremely shocking and forced me to stop where I was and reflect.

While I am not one to share personal stories much less publish them, I thought I should share some reflections as we move into the holiday season.

As college students we are all very busy, I am the first person to admit I do not like to slow down. With work, school, newspaper, relationships and family, it is never ending and rare to have a moment to reflect.

This gets even harder in these last few weeks of the semester. The chaos of 20 page papers, final presentations, projects and exams starts to set in.

I know it is hard to stop and focus on family and the “true meaning of Thanksgiving” when you have the deadlines and anxiety looming over your head. But it is so very important that you do so.

We are not indestructible, health does not only come in old age and there should be a stronger focus on the peolpe that brought you into this world to begin with. Without them, you would not be here.

This holiday season, hug your parents and grandparents a little bit harder than normal.

We all have crazy families and no one is free of stress but whether you believe “family comes first” or not, the truth is, they were the peolpe who were there when you were born, they cared for you before you could care for yourself and are cheering you on as you succeed.

Do not forget to thank them for that.

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