By Katie Haremski, Contributing Writer —

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Communication Department will be hosting Photo Night on Wednesday, March 7 at Derthick Hall, Room 201.

Photo Night is an evening that highlights photographers and creates a networking opportunity for the up and coming communication students, along with the community.

As Communication Professor Billy Weeks said, ”Photo Night is unlike any other gathering. In a way, it’s like Saturday Night Live.”

The event will be hosting and displaying the work of speakers: Crystal Case, Cody Schmelter, Austin Perryman, Mark Johnson and Billy Weeks.

Speaker Cody Schmelter, photojournalist for the Times Free Press, said that the reason why he decided to speak at this event was because, “I love what I do and want to give back in anyway I can, especially to help out students who are trying to break into the field.”

Former UTC student who is now a student photographer for UTK’s athletics, Austin Perryman, said, “Photojournalism is more than taking photos of things that are happening. Good photojournalism involves being intentional, being deliberate and being a little artistic all while simultaneously telling a story.

Speaker Professor Mark Johnson, senior lecturer over the photojournalism department at UGA, is also excited to speak at this year’s Photo Night. He said photojournalism has “given [him] a purpose in life, a sense of accomplishment and a window into the lives of others both less and more fortunate.”

The work of former Photojournalism II students Troy Stolt, Chelsea Conner and Rachel Smith’s multimedia projects will also be showcased.

Troy Stolt, current UTC student and Photo Editor for the Echo, was able attend last year’s Photo Night and is excited to be able to present his work. Stolt will be displaying his multimedia piece, Hit Squad, that tells the story of brothers Roger “The Hitman” Hilley and Joseph “2 Fast” Francisco.

UTC students, Cade Deakin and Phillip Kiefer, will be performing live music throughout the event.

Photo Night is free and open to the public.

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