Clyde’s on Main will host the band Stolen Rhodes on Friday, September 8. (Photo by Olivia Haynes)

By Davon Crews, Staff Writer —

Prepare to have your hearts stolen on Friday, Sept. 8. The band Stolen Rhodes will be at Clyde’s on Main Street.

Customers can expect to eat barbeque and play ping-pong while listening to the live band.

The band describes themselves to be a combination of blues, rock and a little bit of country.

“Our fan base is a diverse group of folks of all ages and from all walks of life,” singer, Matt Pillion said.

The group is traveling on the road for 11 months out of the year – traveling between the United States and Europe.

At the live show, the fans will be able to hear the passion that exudes from the band’s performance.

“Sometimes the only way to express a particular thought or emotion is through music, and the music that we make is a reflection of our life experiences,” Pillion said. “And when all is said and done, if someone else can connect with what we’ve written, it’s an amazing feeling.”

One of their 2016 hits, “Save Me,” is an example of the band putting their emotions in the music.

The song is about a person who is a having a rough day or going through a tough time and uses music as a pain reliever.

As a few words of advice, Pillion said, “You have to struggle for anything worth having: if you’re not struggling, you’re not working hard enough. Remember, nothing is impossible as long as you’re willing to work for it! People fail because they give up too soon.”

Stolen Rhodes will have fans shedding tears and bopping heads with their meaningful lyrics and rock-styled beats.

“…the motivation comes from the face that making music is something that I have to do,” Pillion said. “Writing music isn’t so much a desire as it is a fundamental need.”

Clyde’s is located on Main Street and is open until 1:30 a.m. Tickets are available the day of the concert.

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