Concert Preview: The Lone Bellow at the Revelry Room

By Emma Culp, Staff Writer —

The Lone Bellow will bring their indie rock sound to the Revelry Room stage on Feb. 15.

The four member group was formed six years ago by Zach Williams who moved to New York to pursue his creative talents. There he met Kanene Donehey Pipkin, who plays several instruments, and Brian Elmquist, who now plays guitar for the band. The trio’s talents blended together and the group became The Lone Bellow. The group has since added Jason Pipkin, who plays drums for the group.

The alternative country with a mix of indie rock group is known for their transparency within their music, allowing their fans a front row seat into the lives and hearts of the members. Their meaningful lyrics and overall time the band puts into creating their music is evident in all three of their releases, but especially their most recent album Walk Into a Storm.

Released last September, the band shows their connection to their music on a different level creating an even larger fan base for the now Nashville-based group.

Elmquist spoke in an interview with the Revelry Room regarding the upcoming show saying the group covered a broad spectrum of emotions when producing this album. The group reveals they worked with Dave Cobb to produce this album, who is connected with incredibly successful artist such as Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson and Jason Isbell.

The group has received incredible support from the NYC and Nashville community throughout their years of making music, even in the times of uncertainty and turmoil within the band. The band worked through a series of complications including their move from NYC to Nashville, and their guitarist entering a rehabilitation facility on the first day of recording their 2014 album Then Came the Morning.

Through these trials, the group became even more connected and worked extremely hard to produce an incredible album in half the time.

The album contains a mix of incredible piano ballads as well as full orchestral sounding pieces that perfectly display the emotion within the group.

The Lone Bellow began their tour last September and continue to perform shows all across North America.

Before the group takes the stage in Chattanooga, they will perform in the UK on Jan. 30 and 31 sharing their tunes worldwide.

Some of their top songs include “Then Came the Morning,” “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold” and “Walk Into a Storm.”  These tunes will be sure to leave you in a joyful mood whether you are a fan of alternative country or have more of a taste for indie music.

The show is reserved for attendees 18 years and older, and will be featuring special guest Becca Mancari.

The performance will begin 8 p.m. and the door will open 7 p.m. for attendees wanting to get a front row spot.

For more information about tickets, visit

Grace Stafford

Grace Stafford

Features Editor

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