By Hayley Spire, Chattanooga, Tenn. —

Recent updates on campus construction on are up and coming, making immediate and stead fast progress.

Among the construction projects is the West Campus project, which consists of a new dorm complex, a parking garage and a retail space for food and supplies. The construction is expected to be completed and ready for WCConstruction4students to move in at the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester. Students might experience disruption on Vine and Houston streets where construction workers use the streets for access to the site. There will also be brief disruptions to Lot 35, which will be coordinated with Parking services and Arena Staff and Athletics when the time comes.

Additionally, this project will install sidewalks, lighting, trees/planting, retaining walls, site furniture, and a vehicle turnaround to enhance pedestrian safety in the areas of Oak Street and Vine Street. The Vine Street portion will be compatible with neighboring developments along Vine Street to provide an animated connection to downtown from campus. W.M. Whitaker & Associates firm was assigned the project by the SBC. The project is currently in the programming and planning phase of design.

Further more the racquet center and tennis courts are to be demolished to prepare the site for construction. In replacement, a new tennis center will be created along with new courts which are estimated to be completed in January 2017. 

“The West Campus Housing and Parking construction project is estimated to cost $80 million, which includes both the housing and parking components,” says Tyler Forrest, associate vice chancellor for Budgeting and Finance. “Different parts of construction are more expensive than others.” 

The Chamberlain field, located in the center of campus, is estimated for completion by the end of August. This project will have Chamberlain field redeveloped with pedestrian focused improvements including sidewalks, benches, lighting, plantings, and large green spaces.  Two additional significant features will be included: a bonfire plaza and a “Power C” in the south hillside.

Along with housing and athletic projects, the Joe Decosimo Success Center will house offices for the College of Business academic advising, career development, team rooms, interview rooms, collaborative work spaces and a new student lounge. The project’s estimated completion date has yet to be announced. Noise will most likely be the source of any disruptions. The loudest construction activities are being performed after hours but occupants are encouraged to notify the office of the College of Business if they experience unacceptable levels of noise. 

Future projects involve the Engel Intramural Sports Complex. This project will develop the 11-acre site as an intramural park with up to four multi-purpose fields, up to four additional tennis courts, a clubhouse, disc golf course and a walking track. This project is in the programming phase of design. A committee is working on the final plans for the use of the property. The development mostly likely will impact parking in the general lot. The construction completion date is to be announced.