Cooking Classes teaches students how to eat healthier

By Jordan Renfroe, Staff Writer —

A cooking class created by the newly developed Healthy Living Initiative department is offering lessons to students on how to cook healthy meals on campus.

The classes, taught by registered dietitian nutritionists, are part of the health department’s objective to help college students break poor eating habits.

The Healthy living Initiative focuses on all aspects of Wellness Wheel, and these particular classes are a partnership between Student Development and HHP Dietetics,” said Carol Oglesby, the assistant director of Student Health Services.

Oglesby believes that these unhealthy habits stem from students’ process of transitioning to college since many students experience an increase in stress levels that are accompanied with lack of cooking skills.

The cooking classes teach students how to prepare food that leave the students with leftovers so that they have meals ready for the following day. They also incorporate lessons on necessary skills to prepare each meal. 

“We offer tips students will be able to carry with them and share as they try to master good, healthy cooking: cutting skills, information about spices, and safety tips when using raw meats, etc.,” Oglesby says.

Oglesby noted that the only aspect of the cooking classes she wishes she could change was that they didn’t offer more space for students to attend.

We only have room for 15 students in the kitchen. However, we do have all of the cooking classes live on Facebook in case anyone wants to participate via online.” Oglesby said. “We release the list of ingredients needed about 24 hours in advance. We had over 100 people view from home during our first class.”

The classes teach recipes such as healthy chicken fajitas for dinner, and fajita salad as leftovers. For Nutrition Awareness Month, the class has plans to create veggie burgers served with sweet potato fries.

Students can find out more information about nutrition and other Healthy Mocs events through the Healthy Mocs website and Facebook page.


Alina Hunter-Grah

Alina Hunter-Grah

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