By Alina Hunter-Grah, Chattanooga, Tenn. — The defendant in a lawsuit filed against himself and several levels of Pi Kappa Alpha for date rape in October 2015, has filed his response to the original complaint made against him.

In the court document, the defendant M. Andrews outlines his account of the events that evening, which have noticeably changed from his original version given to University police. In the original story, Andrews claims to only “make out” with the plaintiff, but in the response Andrews claims that the sex was “voluntary and consensual.”

The defendant is also accusing the plaintiff of libel and slander, according to the court document. The response states, “her claims of rape are false. Jane Doe knows the statements are false. Jane Doe knew when she made them that the statements are false. Jane Doe knew that her false statements of rape were and remain defaming to Andrews.”

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Mike Sawicki, responded by questioning the credibility of the defendant’s stories.

“If the truth was he had sex with her, it wouldn’t make sense why he wouldn’t say that unless he was hiding something,” said Sawicki.

The defendant also requested that the venue of the case be moved from the Middle District of Tennessee to the East District of Tennessee.

This case is currently in the discovery phase, which means those involved are still requesting the answers to interrogations, witnesses are being identified and their testimonies are being taken, and requests for other documents are being made.

No court date has been confirmed yet as there was a change in judges that caused some delay.

The Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity has responded to the lawsuit by stating, “Based on cursory review of the complaint, it is clear that there are factual misrepresentations regarding the Fraternity, Chapter, and House Corporation. Moreover, the International Fraternity did not sanction nor enable the alleged crime, or any crime, as alleged in this case.”

“The case seems to be about what kind of students the University wants to have,” said Sawicki about the lawsuit.