Crime Log 10/4

Compiled by Haley Doss, Chattanooga, Tenn. —

Sept. 22

16-007556 An officer responded to a call about a narcotics violation at Lockmiller. Once arriving to the suspected room, they reported the smell of marijuana. When asked, the two male residents stated that they did not smoke and they did not have any marijuana. The officers noticed “shake” and a cigar in the room and after completing an investigation of the room, found 1.0 oz of marijuana. The owner of the drugs, one of the male residents, was cited in lieu of arrest to judicial affairs.

Sept. 23

16-007560 Around 1 a.m., a resident assistant contacted campus police after witnessing two male students vandalize on Cardiac Hill. The males were witnessed using an unknown object to repeatedly hit a university mail box and a city traffic cone. When the suspects spoke to police, they stated that they were coming home from a party on Vine St. and found the object on the side of the road. The students were told to go back to their residence halls. There was no damage to the mail box.

16-007568 A student reported a hit and run incident after she returned to her car in Lot 36 to find her front driver door and finder had been damaged. After investigation of the situation, officers located a car thought to be responsible that was responsible and have attempted to contact the suspect, but they have not made contact with her as of Sept. 25th.

16-007585 Around 11 p.m., Officers were called to Decosimo by resident assistants after reports of smelling marijuana in a room. When they arrived, they asked all students to come out from their rooms and they did a search of the apartment. In one of the bathrooms the officers found traces of marijuana in a mason jar, The student responsible for the marijuana was sent to student affairs.


Sept. 25

16-007643 Police were dispatched to Boiling apartments around 6 p.m. after an RA reported a student carrying a gun case into their room. When police arrived at the room, they were approved access into the room and found that the case is used to carry air soft guns. The officers told the student that air soft guns were not allowed on campus and took the guns to the station to be picked up when the student returns home.

Sept. 26

16- 007687 Around 4 p.m., a call requested assistance from the police to extinguish a small smoldering mulch fire in a tree planter in Stophel’s courtyard. There was no report about how this fire started but the fire was put out by a water hose without any property damage.

Sept. 27

16-007699 A man was stopped on E MLK blvd after an officer witnessed him stumbling on and off the sidewalk. When the officer stopped the man, he was slurring his speech and stating that he had been drinking since his release from the Hamilton County Jail earlier in the day. He was arrested and taken back to the Hamilton County Jail.

Haley Doss

Haley Doss

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