Compiled by Alina Hunter-Grah, Chattanooga, Tenn. —

Sept. 28

15-005954 Police found all of the missing laptops and hardware that were reported stolen on Sept. 26. Police obtained the computers from a mother who had seen suspicious computers in her son’s room.

Police received a warrant to search her home for the rest of the missing electronics. Police arrived at the home and arrested the son for burglary and theft. Police searched the son’s room and found several other of the missing equipment and also equipment that was reported missing on Feb. 18, several books belonging to the library, more equipment belonging to the IT department, and equipment belong to the engineering department. The total estimate of all the recovered material added up to $8,895.42. Police are pursuing additional charges.

Sept. 30

15-006025 UCF apartments resident director (RD) called police to the apartments about a narcotics violation. The RD found a smoking device and empty beer cans in the resident’s room during room inspections. All items were thrown away after being photographed. The resident will be referred to Student Development.

15-006085 Police were called to the second floor of Fletcher Hall about a theft of two paper towel dispensers. The total value of the dispensers is $50.

15-006090 Police were called to the UC about a verbal fight between two males over the treatment of a female acquaintance. The males had previously exchanged inappropriate comments over Facebook and made a plan to meet up to fight. The two pushed each other while yelling, but were not physical otherwise. Police advised the two to avoid contact with each other.

Oct. 1

15-006126 Police were sent to the top of Cardiac Hill about a student who was having a seizure. When police arrived, the student told police she has seizures, but had been late taking her medication. The student had many injuries to her head. She was sent to Erlanger hospital and Safety and Risk Management was sent to clean the blood.

15-006128 A resident of Johnson O’bear informed police that his bike was stolen from a rack located in the courtyard. The student had come back to the bike after leaving it for an hour and found the bike lock cut and left at the rack. The bike was described to police, but the student could not remember the serial number so that the bike could be entered into a stolen property database.

15-006140 A resident of Boling apartments informed police that his bike was missing from where he left it secured with a bike lock on a railing outside his room. The bike lock had been cut and left next to the railing. The student described the bike to police and said he would try to find the serial number.