Crime Log 11/15

Complied by Haley Doss, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Nov 3

16-008967 Around 7 p.m., officers were called to Boling for a narcotics violation. When they arrived, a student was speaking to housing staff when they noticed a strong smell of marijuana in the room. The student gave consent to search the room where police found three grams of marijuana, three glass bongs and two mouth pieces in a couple of backpacks. The items were taken and the student was sent to Student Affairs.

16-008965 A officer responded to a call about a suspicious smell coming from an apartment in UCF. When they arrived, one of the residents opened the door and the officer noticed the smell of burning marijuana. The student gave the officer permission to enter and search the apartment. In the bathroom, the officer found a water bong. The officer asked the student present to contact the other resident. Once the officer was able to speak with the other roommate, they stated that they had marijuana in their room. The student then went to get a black box from their drawer and opened it. It had a large brown paper bag with $955 in it, a grinder and 24 grams of marijuana inside. The two residents stated that they shared the contents of the black box.  They were both arrested for possession of narcotics for resale and sent to the Hamilton County Jail.

Nov 4

16-009004 A male student reported to dispatch that he lost his laptop. While we was not sure where he lost it, he was sent to IT to see if they could track the device. The IT Department soon called and stated that it was found in the UC and that he was on the way to pick it up.

Nov 7

16-009094 Police were called to Boling around 1:30 p.m. after reports of the smell of marijuana. When they arrived, they confirmed the smell and were given permission to search the room. They did not find any evidence of marijuana use. The resident director stated that it may have come from another room and the smell may have traveled through the vents.

16-009101 Around 4 p.m., police were called to Lockmiller for a possible narcotics violation. When the resident opened the door, they could smell the marijuana and asked if they had been smoking. The resident told them no and allowed them to search the room. They found residue on the bathroom sink and smoking devices under the sink. The resident claimed everything but one of the smoking devices and the other was claimed by another roommate that entered the room after officers arrived. The initial student will be sent to student affairs for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and the other student was sent for drug paraphernalia.

16-009102 Officers were sent to Brown Academy after a call about a aggressive dog outside the building. When they arrived, the met up with the complainant and the dog was growling and barking. The dog tried to bite the complainant multiple times while they were there. At one point, the dog bit on to the complaint’s dress and officers sprayed pepper spray in the dog’s eyes and he retrieved long enough for officers to secure the area and stand between the bystanders and the dog. The complainant mentioned that the dog may be protecting her puppies. They kept an eye on the dog long enough for McKamey Animal Center to show up.  A man showed up at some point and told officers he recognized the dog but was not the owner. When McKamey arrived, they put the dog on a leash and went to search for possible puppies. During their search, they found nine malnourished puppies. They took the puppies and mother. The man who recognized the dog was told to tell the owner he could pick up the dog at McKamey’s.

Nov 8

16-009117 Around midnight, police responded to a fire alarm in Walker. One of the security guards in the building knocked on the suspected room but no one answered. Before the other officers arrived, on of the residents opened the door. Once the officers arrived, they noticed the scent of marijuana. All of the four roommates were called into the common room and they all gave permission for their rooms to be searched. During the search, they found a grinder with about two grams of marijuana inside, a smoking device found in the bathroom, a glass jar with marijuana residue inside and a bottle of vodka. One of the roommates claimed all of the marijuana and paraphernalia and another claimed the vodka. Both were sent to student affairs.



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