12-1745¬†While performing a traffic stop for expired registration, an officer smelled a strong marijuana odor from inside the vehicle. He asked the occupants of the vehicle to step out and used the marijuana odor as probable cause to search the vehicle without a warrant under the “vehicle exception” rule of the fourth amendment. The officer found a razor blade and stems in plain view and also noticed tobacco leaves on the seats and floors of the vehicle. The driver opened the trunk of the vehicle for officers and in plain view was a plastic water bong with marijuana residue inside. He said the bong belonged to his roommate. Police released the driver and passenger and confiscated the bong. In lieu of a citation and arrest, police referred the driver and passenger to student conduct.


12-1758 Police responded to a noise complaint at 818 University St. and located a broken front door jam and three men holding down a fourth man who was screaming claims that the three others had stolen his marijuana and smoking pipe. The three men released the subject, who then went into the hallway with police. He appeared to be under the influence of some drug or alcohol, as he was agitated, unsteady on his feet, verbally aggressive and noncompliant.

Once in the hallway, the subject stripped off his clothing down to his shorts and banged his head agaisnt the wall where he was seated. The three men stated the subject was in their apartment earlier and left two times before returning again and beating on the door. They said the subject kicked the door open when they refused to let him in. Once in custody, the subject continued to curse and resist basic commands, using offensive language and aggressively challenging officers. He had a glass smoking pipe in his pocket, but police found no marujuana. However, there was an odor of burnt marijuana inside the apartment. Police transported the subject to Hamilton County Jail and booked him in spite of his resistance and noncompliance. He refused to leave the seatbelt fastened and refused to wait for assistance exiting the patrol vehicle, causing him to fall to the ground. He had a minor abrasion on his back for which he refused treatment at the jail.


12-1779 An officer observed a broken basement window at 551 Oak St on the Douglas Street side of the building. The window appeared to have been broken with force since the frame was damaged. Glass and bits of the frame were both inside and outside the building. It is unknown if entry was made into the basement or if anything was stolen at this time. All exterior doors were secure and nothing was disturbed inside. There are no suspects.


12-1782 Police responded to 818 University St. to perform a welfare check on the subject of case number 12-1758 at the request of his mother, who advised she recently noticed what she believed to be a brick of marijuana and a large amount of cash in his room. She also advised that her son had some health problems and was currently off his medication.

When police made contact with the subject, he said he was fine but was attempting to permanently leave UTC as soon as possible because he wanted to go to Colorado so that he could grow and smoke marijuana legally. He said as long as he remained on campus he would continue using marijuana with the knowledge that it is an illegal substance. He agreed to speak with the dean of student affairs. Police escorted him there, and the dean questioned him about the previous incident in which he was arrested for disorderly conduct, lewd behavior and other charges.

The subject said he was fully aware why he was arrested, agreed with the charges and took full responsibility for his actions. He voluntarily advised that during the same incident he assaulted a student by punching him in the face, which he was not arrested for or charged with. He made mention on several occasions that guns could solve his problems and he knew several students who currently had guns. The dean advised him of some disciplinary actions, including being removed from school and trespassed from all school property. The subject said this was the course of action he wished to take. Police escorted him back to his apartment and stood by while he packed his belongings and checked out. Police then took him to the UTC police department where he stayed until his mother picked him up.



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