Compiled by Alina Hunter-Grah, Chattanooga, Tenn. —

Feb. 2

16-000985 Police were called to Decosimo apartments about a domestic assault. A resident told police the dispute began when her boyfriend entered the apartment upset over the lack of contact from the resident. The dispute became physical when the boyfriend threw the resident on the floor into the hallway outside the dorm. Police saw injuries fitting with the story and viewed surveillance showing the fight. The resident refused to press charges or identify the boyfriend to police. Police asked the roommates to call police if the boyfriend made contact again.

Feb. 4

16-000932 Police were sent to the Doctors Building to help with an elevator entrapment. Police called Facilities to let the man stuck in the elevator out. Facilities said they would work to get the elevator working properly again.

16-000939 Police were notified of a suspicious person near the Lupton Library after a man parked his car in the middle of the road and appeared to be hitting the building and throwing things at it. The man said that he was looking for a friend. Dispatch told police that the suspect’s “friend” had filed a harassment report about the suspect. Police told the suspect they were unable to talk to the friend and the suspect left campus. Police found that the suspect had a “hit list” with the “friend’s” name on it. The friend was asked to report any further contact made by the suspect.

Feb. 5

16-000971 A student called police to Lot 31 about a property damage incident after she noticed her car door had been damaged by an unknown person. Police could not find the cause of the damage.

16-00978 Police were sent to Engel Stadium about a suspicious person attempting to solicit for gas. The man admitted to trying to get help at the Kanku’s gas station and agreed to leave campus property.

Feb. 6

16-000989 Police stopped a vehicle for not stopping at a stop sign at the intersection of Palmetto and Vine Street. Police found the man driving had a suspended license and he was given a citation.

Feb. 8

16-001058 The Resident Director (RD) of Lockmiller apartments called police to assist with an accidental injury. The student’s roommate explained that the student hit his head twice while playing basketball at Maclellan Gym earlier that day. The student did not remember the game until shortly before police arrived. The student also reported nausea. The student was sent to Erlanger hospital for further evaluation.

Feb. 9

16-001073 Police were called to the EMCS building to assist with an accidental injury. The student told police that she had a seizure but was feeling better. The student was transported to get further medical attention.

16-001074 Library staff requested police to help with a suspicious person who was talking loudly and asking to use people’s phones. The woman told police that she was homeless and was trying to get to Georgia. Police transported the woman to a bus that would take her to a Greyhound station.

16-001086 A professor reported to police that her wallet had been lost. The professor told police she had visited Brock Hall, EMCS, the Fine Arts Center, Grote Hall and the UC before she noticed it missing.

Feb. 10

16-001106 Police were called to Walker about lost property. The student told police he had left his sunglasses in Crossroads but was not able locate his sunglasses. Police will look over security footage to see if the sunglasses were picked up.

16-001107 Police met with a man employed with the building services department who said that he was receiving threats from another employee in the building services department and felt as there was reason to believe he was in danger. Police will be investigating the threat.

16-001114 Police responded to a report of a hit and run incident in Lot 47-3. The owner of the vehicle said that he noticed damage to his vehicle that was not there previously. Police were not able to determine what the damage was caused by.