Compiled by Alina Hunter-Grah, Chattanooga, Tenn.–

April 2

15-002054 Students asked a police officer to be arrest the subject of an Order of Protection. Police found that the Order of Protection had expired. Police asked the student if she had her copy of the order. She did not. Police told the student that she should have it on her at all times.

April 3

15-002067 Police saw a car parked in Lot 31 that was not there earlier, approached the car and asked the driver to roll down the window. A marijuana odor was smelled and the driver told police that she had a marijuana cigar. Both the driver and the passenger admitted to smoking marijuana. The driver gave consent for police to search the car. Nothing more was found. Both students will be sent to Student Development.

April 6

15-002111 Police received a complaint about some cars that were egged. When police arrived, dried egg could be seen on several cars. No one was around the vehicles and there was no damage.

15-002118 Police received a damage report about an egg vehicle that had struck a light pole in Lot 10. There was damage to the rear passenger side bumper. No damage was done to the pole.

15-002127 Police received a lost property report from a campus employee. The employee explained that some computers had gone missing during the move of the chair of Suntrust Bank in Holt Hall. The employee said that she would contact this department.

April 7

15-002147 Campus police saw a man on Vine Street walking with a beer can. When the man noticed police, he threw out the beer can and boarded the MOCS Express Shuttle. Police followed until he got out at Engle Stadium. When police asked to speak with him, the man began walking into oncoming traffic. Police grabbed the man out of the street for safety reasons. There were no warrants for the man and he did not appear to be a danger to himself or others. Police warned the man about drinking in public.

April 8

15-002165 Police saw an improperly parked car on the sidewalk in front of UCF apartments. The driver said he was picking up a friend. Police could smell a marijuana odor and asked the student to step out of the vehicle. When he did, the smell became stronger. The student admitted to smoking before driving and gave consent for a vehicle search. Nothing was found. The student will be sent to Student Development for driving under the influence of marijuana.

15-002171 A police officer was turning on Oak Street as another student was crossing. The officer did not see the student and almost hit her. The vehicle did not make contact. The officer apologized. The student continued walking on Oak Street. The officer then found the student’s contact information and made sure that the student was OK again.

15-002177 Two students told police about their concern for a friend who was feeling suicidal and had made a comment about walking to the Walnut Bridge. Officers found the student of concern near the courthouse. The student told police that she did not want counseling. The friends stayed with the student of concern. Police checked in later to make sure the student was still OK.