Two officers were dispatched to Boling Apartments to a suspicious person inside a room. Upon arriving at Boling Apartments, the officers spoke with the resident director at Boling. He advised the police that, as he was making his rounds through the complex, he entered the room. When he entered the room, he saw a man entering the kitchen. He advised the police that the individual told him he was with athletics but failed to produce UTC identification. The resident director stated, at that point, he felt very uncomfortable, left the room and called the police. When the officers arrived at the room, there was no answer upon knocking. Given that the room was supposed to be unoccupied, police entered and cleared the room. No contact was made with the party. Officers found that the room’s oven was on and a dish of food was in the refrigerator. The resident director gave a description of the suspect.




An officer responded to Vandalism at 825 McCallie Ave. Police on patrol observed graffiti vandalism on the eastside door to the UTC Band Annex Building. Graffiti depicted the word “DUCES” in blue paint or marker and depicted an unknown word in red paint. Suspect is unknown. No further police action.




An officer responded to 400 Palmetto St. after being personally contacted by a complainant, who advised that he had received harassing phone calls and text messages from an unknown subject. The complainant stated to the officer that he believed that the harassing phone calls and text messages were from a subject who had assaulted him at UTC on a prior occasion and who the officer had arrested. The complainant stated to police that he was afraid and stated to the officer that he had received four unknown phone calls from a restricted number. Complainant also told the officer that he had heard someone on the other line who did not answer when he had said “hello.” The complainant advised that following this phone call he received two text messages from a number which stated “R u show up” and “U no who da f— dis is.” The complainant advised that he wanted to file a report with the UTC police.

Later, the complainant called the officer again and advised that he had received another harassing text message from the same unknown phone number, which directly threatened his girlfriend and mother. The text message read “We getting yo mom nd alyssia.” At this time the officer directed the complainant to contact the Red Bank Police Department to file a report, due to the complainant living in Red Bank, TN.




An officer responded to 700 Vine St. on a property damage call. Upon arrival, the officer met with a staff member who reported that the previous day, she was told about property damage to the inside wooden door to the men’s bathroom on the first floor of the building. Upon inspection, police found where an unknown person had used a sharp instrument to carve the number 418 on the back of the door. The word “c–fest” and what appeared to be a man’s penis, were also carved on the door below the door knob.

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