Crime Log for Feb. 3rd to Feb. 9

Compiled by Haley Doss, Assistant News Editor 

Feb. 3

17-001091 Officers stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Douglas Street and Vine Street after it failed to make a complete stop. The officer approached the driver side window, collected the driver’s license and found it had been suspended. The male driver was placed in handcuffs. He told the officer that he had been saving money to pay back the tickets. Upon the drivers request, the officer parked the car in a nearby parking lot while the driver was taken to the Hamilton Country Jail.

17-001094 An officer was flagged down by a security officer after hearing yelling during a patrol of Boling. The officer was taken to the scene where he spoke with a female suspect. She had planned to meet with her TA earlier in the night at Douglas Heights to study. The male TA arrived visibly intoxicated and was asked to leave many times. The female student left Douglas Heights to go to her apartment. The male suspect followed them to Boling. He sat outside of the student’s door, yelling and texting her threatening texts like “I’m gonna fuck you up” and “I’m going to kill you guys.” After a few friends of the female arrived and attempted to get the TA to leave, the police were called. The male had a previous warrant out for his arrest for assault and was arrested the next day.

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17-001130 While patrolling on Douglas Street, an officer saw four females walking on the sidewalk near Boling. They were all staggering and unable to walk in a straight line. After speaking to the group, he found them all to be intoxicated and underage. They had been drinking in Douglas Heights and were walking back to their apartment in Boling.  They did not have IDs on them but they could retrieve them from their apartments.

After arriving to their apartment, the officer conducted a search where they found a bag of wine and a bottle of vodka. All of the females took ownership of the alcohol. They also found drug paraphernalia throughout the rooms. A small amount of marijuana, two grinders, one glass smoking pipe and a black scale were found. During the search, a male student entered the apartment holding a box with three packages of beer. He was also found to be intoxicated and underage.

All students were sent to Student Development.

17-001131 An officer reported to UCF after a narcotics violation. They located the room with RAs and they entered the apartment. When officers requested that everyone come from the rooms to the common room, they found there was only one resident left. They believe the other occupants may have left through the window. The officers searched the apartment and found narcotics and paraphernalia. They also found that the smoke detectors had been covered with plastic bags. Three of the four residents were sent to Student Affairs.

Feb. 4

17-001133 Officers were notified of screaming coming from a room at Johnson Obear. When they arrived, they overheard the residents talking about drinking and knocked on the door. After some time, a resident answered the door and there was no longer anyone in the living space and requested everyone come out of the rooms and closets. There were five students present and intoxicated, three of which were underage. Officers saw beer bottles in the trash can and marijuana on the counter. All students were sent to Student Development for various charges.

17-001149 An usher working at McKenzie Arena alerted police and medics of a sick person sitting on the steps in the Arena. He was found slumped over, conscious but not speaking. He was checked by medics and put in a wheelchair. While moving to the first aid room in the Arena, he vomited. He was then transferred to Memorial ED.

Feb. 5

17-001157 An officer saw a female student walking with assistance on Mabel Street. She stated that she had been drinking downtown with some friends that attend UTC. Her friend’s apartment in Guerry was located and she was left in their care.

17-001160 An officer reported to an apartment in Lockmiller because the door was open. Three students were found sitting outside the door when they arrived. The male students did not live there and were waiting on the resident. The officer smelled burning marijuana and asked if the students had been smoking. They told the officer they had and he requested they had anymore marijuana on them. One of the students stated he had some in his room and turned it over to the officer. The student gave the officers a small bag of marijuana, a bag of blunts, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of rum. He was sent to student affairs for simple possession.

Feb. 6

17-001186 Officers saw a man who appeared to forcibly restraining a female on Palmetto Street. The officers separated the two and the male told officers he was trying to get the female to someplace warm. The female stated that she did not want to go anywhere with the man. She stated that she was not hurt, was familiar with him and understood he was trying to help but did not want to go with him. The female had warrants out for her arrest for theft, assault and resisting arrest.

Feb. 7

17-001226 A student reported a stolen bicycle from McCellan Gym. The officer met with the female student who stated she was saw it the day before around 6 a.m. at a rack on Vine Street near Johnson Obear. It is a grey Giant Boulder SE and a “Save the Parks” sticker on the handlebar.

17-001246 A report was made around 6 p.m. about a broken car window. The officers reported to the scene and found that the rear passenger side and rear windows were shattered.

Feb. 8

17-001277 Officers and medics responded after a student reported feeling fatigued in the UC and requesting to see his cardiac specialist. He had been previously diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. He was taken to Erlanger.

17-001262 An officer stopped a car on Douglas Street for a broken tail light. After speaking with the female driver, the officer smelled marijuana. The student admitted to smoking but not recently. After a search of the car, the officer found multiple bags with marijuana residue, joints and a grinder. The student was charged in lieu of arrest for simple possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Haley Doss

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