Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Copy Editor –

Jan. 3

19-000044 At 7:55 P.M. an officer was dispatched to 501 Oak Street to investigate a suspicious odor. Upon arrival, the officer met with the R.A. who advised he discovered a room smelt strongly of marijuana. When the officer went to the room in question, he was given verbal consent to search the premise when one resident confirmed she had been smoking prior to his arrival. The officer discovered a pink bag containing 2.5 grams of marijuana and a pre-rolled blunt. The resident was charged with simple possession while the evidence was taken to UTCPD.

Jan. 5

19-000057 At 1:55 A.M. an officer was dispatched to 541 Vine Street for a well-being check. The mother of the suspect had not heard from him and was wondering if he had arrived on campus. Upon arrival, the officers found the door to be unsecured and no response to their knocks. The officers made an announced entry and were met with a resident who keyed them into the suspects room. The suspect’s belongings were nowhere to be found and housing confirmed the suspect was not registered for the spring term. The mother was told to contact Metro Nashville PD.

Jan. 7

19-000111 At 5:05 P.M. UTCPD was dispatched to Decosimo Apartments in reports of suspicious activity. Upon arrival, officers met with the victim who advised someone has left three hand-written notes on his car that was parked in Lot 47-4. The messages didn’t call the victim by name, but were addressing the issue of the victim’s parking which was described as taking up two spaces. The victim told the officers there was no damage done to his car, and that he did not feel threatened but felt that three messages in one day was extreme.

Jan. 8

19-000138 At 7:41 P.M. an officer was dispatched to 400 Palmetto Street for a delayed report of suspicious activity at 720 Oak Street. The complainant stated she believed an unknown party was entering her residence and unsure if it was housing or maintenance. The R.D. was contacted and advised he would have a work order to have the doors re-cored the next day.

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