Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Copy Editor –

Jan. 20

19-000379 At 12:50 P.M. an officer was dispatched to the Brown Academy side of the Stophel Apartments courtyard. After the general fire alarm two residents discovered a brass bullet on the ground. The bullet was without the casing, indicating it had not been fired but did look damaged from being compressed. There have been no reports of gunshots in the area.

19-000385 At 7:49 P.M. an officer was patrolling 815 University Street and observed a female leaving the Decosimo Apartments with what appeared to be alcohol. Upon further inspection the suspect was found carrying beer who claimed she got it from one of the residents inside Decosimo. The officer told the suspect to dispose of the alcohol and that she would be reported to student development. The officer then questioned the reported resident who advised he was the one to give the suspect the alcohol but did not purchase it. The party then told the officer of the resident who had purchased it and was referred to for student development as well. The officer then went to the source of the alcohol, and upon arrival the officer could smell marijuana coming from the residency. The suspect denied any knowledge of the alcohol, and when asked by the officer if he could conduct a searched replied no. The officer went to issue a warrant when the suspect finally admitted to having marijuana in his room. The suspect was found with narcotics, paraphernalia, and alcohol upon inspection which was all collected for evidence.  

Jan. 22

19-000422 At 1:27 P.M. UTCPD responded to 701 East 8th Street for a suspicious person. A UTC employee advised he had seen a male bundled in several layers behind the west side of the Sim Center. The man witnessed the suspect chain a bike to a gas meter and walk off. The officers couldn’t locate the suspect and cut the lock cable to transport the bike to Lot 31, the property storage room.

Jan. 23

19-000442 At 4:55 P.M. an officer was reported to Lot 59 for a report of property damage. The reporting party advised he had parked his car in a legal spot which had a concrete stop in front of it. Due to his car sitting so low, when he went to back out, the front bumper got stuck and was then pulled off the vehicle. The concrete stop had no damage, and the party was able to get his bumper in his car to get reattached.

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