Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Copy Editor –

Jan. 31

19-000597 At 1:11 P.M. officers responded to a vehicle fire call on University Street. Upon arrival a vehicle was parked sideways at the intersection of 8th Street with smoke coming heavily from the driver side hood and flames spreading across the front. Officers took the fire extinguisher from their patrol vehicle and kept the scene safe until Chattanooga Fire Department arrived. The fire was safely extinguished and a wrecker was called to tow the vehicle.

Feb. 1

19-000615 At 12:19 P.M. an officer responded to a suspicious activity call at the Fine Arts center. The reporting party advised a male drove up next to her and threw a twenty dollar bill at her while yelling “Hey, drive by!” The suspect proceeded to do it to another female on Vine Street. The money was put into the UTCPD evidence locker.

Feb. 2

19-000658 At 11:42 P.M. an officer on patrol saw an individual parked outside of McKenzie Arena who stated he was waiting for someone inside. When the officer notified him there was no one inside, the suspect became argumentative. The suspect called someone saying “hurry up and get here man because I don’t want the police to kill me.” The officer asked for identification and asked if any weapons were in possession while the suspect advised there weren’t. Another individual was then noticed coming from the arena’s loading dock. The officer asked for the individual to show his hands due to being concealed in his pockets. The new suspect also became argumentative and was asked to provide identification. Both suspects were advised to leave the scene.

Feb. 3

19-000667 At 10:58 A.M. an officer patrolling on E. 5th Street observed a male approaching him. The man seemed upset and claimed he couldn’t find a lot. When the officer asked for more information, the suspect advised there was another officer speaking through a megaphone at that moment to go to a parking lot. After the officer did a pat down and received identification, the UTC counselor was called and headed to the scene. After meeting with the counselor, the suspect was transported to the Joe Johnson Center in North Chattanooga.

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