Crime Log from Nov. 15 to Nov. 30

Graphic by Ashley Day

By Eric Wise, Assistant News Editor —

Nov. 15

17-008522 At around 11:20 a.m., an officer responded to 501 ML King Blvd. to assist the Chattanooga Police Department with a multiple vehicle crash. Upon arrival, the officer observed a red Ford Escape laying on its side in the middle of the 800 block of Douglas Street. The driver stated that she just had minor scrapes and did not need medical attention. The officer noticed broken glass and vehicle fluids in the street, and the Chattanooga Fire Department was called to clean up the scene. The other two vehicles involved were driverless and parked on the side of Douglas Street. CPD officers made contact with the vehicle owners to inform them that their vehicles had been hit. The UTC PD officer assisted with traffic control until CPD officers finished their report of the accident and a tow truck could arrive on scene to tow away the damaged vehicle.

17-008529 At 4:40 p.m., UTC PD responded to a report of an elevator entrapment at the UTC Library. Officers were able to make contact with the trapped party. She stated she was okay and not experiencing any anxiety or stress. CFD responded and freed the party from the elevator.

Nov. 20 

17-008645 Officers responded to Stacy Town Center at 7:27 a.m. for a report of theft. The officers made contact with a UTC employee who stated that his university golf cart had gone missing. He stated that he last saw the cart at 4:40 p.m. on Nov. 17. The golf cart belongs to UTC Housing and the its information was logged into the university system. Officers recorded the cart’s serial number to be entered into the police system

17-008693 At 3:27 p.m. UTC PD were dispatched to a delayed noise complaint in Frist Hall. A professor stated that between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. she observed three women with toddlers in the communications lounge making noise that disrupted her meeting and classes on that floor. She attempted to confirm the parties’ student status and does not believe them to be students of UTC. She asked the group to be courteous as they were distracting academic and administrative functions in the area. When she attempted to confront the group for a second time, and found the door to the lounge locked from the inside. Police told the professor to contact the police department immediately next time, and they would verify the status of the parties and remove them from the building if warranted.

Nov. 23

17-008721 At 10:01 p.m., while driving north on Houston Street, a UTC PD officer observed a person laying in the road at the intersection of Houston and Oak Streets. The person told the officer that he was fine and that he was lying in the street because God told him to. He then stood up and continued to gesture wildly and dance around in the street. He was unable to answer police questions, but did provide his ID to the officer. There were no warrants for his arrest. Suspecting that he was under the influence of a controlled substance, Hamilton County EMS transported him to Parkridge Medical Center.

Nov. 26

17-008751 At 9:25 p.m., UTC PD was dispatched to 747 McCallie Ave. for a delayed report of a motor vehicle accident. A driver struck another vehicle at 8:30 p.m., and returned in order to complete a report. Both vehicles were registered and insured. The reporting parties agreed to direct payment after a quote for repairs had been assessed. The two parties exchanged information and left without incident.

Nov. 27

17-008762 At 2:07 p.m., officers responded to a suspicious activity call at the Sim Center. An officer spoke with an employee of the Sim Center who stated that on Nov. 20 a student approached her and asked if there were an cameras in the bathroom. She told him that she did not know and was surprised at the question. He then proceeded to ask her how many security cameras were located at the Sim Center. She said she didn’t know and asked why he was asking these questions. He told her that he was working on a survey for a class, and then left.

The student then returned on Nov. 27 and spoke to another Sim Center employee. He asked her about the security cameras and what times of the day he had access to the building. She told the officer that the student began lingering around her desk and moved to a position where he could see the monitors on her desk that had feeds of the security cameras displayed. The employee told police that she only answered his question about his card access, and then he left. She stated that a phone number belonging to the student was calling the Sim Center and asking for a private tour of the facility. The employee informed the reporting officer that the student was in class until 3:50. The officer said he would have someone go an speak with him. Two officers went to room 102 in the Sim Center to speak with the suspect. The class had let out early and he was not present. One officer called his cell phone and left him a message stating that he needed to visit the police department to speak with an officer before attending class again.

Nov. 28 

17-008789 A student came to the UTC Police Department to report a stolen bicycle. She stated that it was locked up in front of Metro on Nov. 27 at 4:15 p.m. When she arrived the next day, the bike was missing. Police will review security cameras to see if a suspect can be identified.

17-008792 A UTC officer observed a white Pontiac Grand Prix parked across the sidewalk in front of the laundry room at Lockmiller Apartments. The car was also blocking the Resident Director’s car. Parking services confirmed that the vehicle had $100 in parking citations. An attempt was made to contact the owner, but he did not answer. The car was towed to UTC’s impound lot.

Nov. 29

17-008807 At 11:19 p.m. police were dispatched to 400 Palmetto Street for a pedestrian struck complaint. The complainant stated that a UTC employee vehicle had struck his walking cane while crossing a parking lot. He said he shouted at the driver but he did not stop. He stated that the driver was on his cell phone when he almost him. The victim said he was not injured and just wanted to make the driver aware that he needs to slow down and not talk on his phone while driving. The UTC employee’s supervisor witnessed the incident and gave police a written statement.

17-008815 UTC Police were dispatched to Lot 6 in reference to a repossession company attempting to take a vehicle that has a parking services boot on it. The company showed paperwork authorizing them to take the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle was on scene and removing her belongings from the vehicle. The vehicle has a boot in place and $195 in outstanding tickets. Dispatch contacted parking services and they responded to the scene. The repossession company was authorized by the dealership to pay the fines to have the boot removed. The car was towed away.

Eric Wise

Eric Wise

Assistant News Editor

Eric Wise is the assistant news editor for the Echo. He is a junior studying communications and minoring in business. Eric likes to go for a long drive with no real destination while listening to his favorite podcasts.

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