Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Assistant News Editor –

Nov. 17

18-006366 At 3:55 P.M. officers on patrol on Vine St. noticed an odor of what could be marijuana. The officers made contact with a male suspect in his vehicle, and the officers found the odor coming from the car when the male opened his door. The officers asked for the suspect to get out of the car to search it and located less than 1 gram of marijuana and empty blunt wrappers. The suspect stated he smokes often and was referred to student affairs for simple possession.

Nov. 18

18-006378 At 5:49 A.M. an officer was dispatched to Lot 32 in regards to a property damage report. Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim who stated he was returning from a university football game and that he parked his car there two days prior. The back window on the driver’s side was smashed, and the center console and glove box was rummaged through. The ignition was found destroyed when the officer tried to jump off the vehicle showing signs of the unknown suspect attempt to steal the vehicle. There is no known suspects at this time.

Nov. 19

18-006405 At 3:08 P.M. UTCPD was dispatched to the Admissions Office in the UC to investigate a report of a suspicious person. The suspect was filling out paperwork to audit classes in January, and police had been called due to him being said to have been playing guitar and talking to himself. The suspect was wearing brightly colored scarves and carrying an acoustic guitar. Officers advised him to finish his paperwork quickly.

Nov. 20

18-006448 An officer was doing roving patrol in Lot 47-2 when they spotted an unoccupied vehicle in a handicapped spot. Upon inspection, the officer found a general parking decal and issued a handicap citation. While the officer was finishing the citation, the owner of the vehicle arrived on scene and asked what the officer was doing. When the officer answered, the suspect immediately used poor language and referenced the officer’s race as well as making offensive comments against black officers. The suspect called her father while the officer waited for assistance. Another officer arrived and clarified that the citation was valid due to violating the state law. The suspect slammed her hand on the ticket and cussed at the officers before exiting the scene. The suspect later went to UTCPD to further talk about the incident.

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