Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Copy Editor —

Sept 1.

19-004405 At 11:30 P.M. an officer was dispatched to 413 Vine St. in regards to reported suspicious activity. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the complainant who stated she found a note on her car telling her to “learn how to park” and on the other side “I second that, your parking is shit, fuck you.” She advised no threats were made to her nor was she fearful for her safety. The complainant had appeared to have parked her car inside of a motorcycle space, taking up two spots and said she would move her car. 


Sept 2.

19-004424 At 12:20 P.M. an officer reported to UC Foundation Apartments for an odor investigation. Upon arrival, the officer met with the Resident Director who advised she was showing a student a room when they noticed what smelled like marijuana. The officer met with one of the roommates of the residence in question. The student advised she doesn’t smoke and gave consent to search her room where nothing was found. The other two residents weren’t home, but the officer did notice a smell of marijauna coming from their side of the apartment. Without having their consent to search, the officer left the situation in the hands of the RD.


Sept 3.

19-004411 At 5:49 P.M. an officer reported to Boling Apartments for a suspicious odor. The officer met with the RD and proceeded to gain entry of the room by the student who sent in the report. The complainant advised his roommates were smoking marijuana in the apartment. The officer was given consent to gain entry. The other two residents came out into the common room and were asked which was the culprit. Both of the suspects advised they had marijuana and brought it to the officer. The officer asked to search their rooms but was denied consent. The students were sent to student affairs and the evidence was logged.


Sept 5.

19-004470 At 10:27 A.M. an officer was sent to get a statement from a victim of a suspicious activity incident that happened a few days prior on the 2nd of September. The victim advised he worked for UTC and parked in lot 12. When he came to work the following day, he noticed his back up camera wasn’t working. Upon further inspection, the victim noticed a chrome colored object believed to be made of metal covering up his camera. He removed it but did not keep the object. The victim, who is a faculty member, believes it could have been a student of his, but when asked by police, he gave no names of potential suspects.


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