Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Asst. News Editor –

Graphic by Ashley Day

Sept. 14

18-004959 At 10:06 P.M. two officers were dispatched to 501 Oak St. due to a suspicious odor report. Upon arrival, the officers met with the on call RA who smelt what resembled burnt marijuana. The officers were led to the apartment in question and could hear several individuals inside. Once the officers met with a resident inside, they could smell the odor and see several red solo cups and asked for permission to enter. The suspects admitted to having marijuana and drug paraphernalia on the balcony. The officers correctly collected the contraband and took identification of all suspects. The officers were given consent to sweep the apartment and found two other parties hiding in the bathroom. All alcohol was destroyed on scene and all drugs were properly confiscated and logged. All parties were charged with underaged consumption and referred to student conduct.

Sept. 15

18-004964 At 9:30 A.M. an officer reported to witnessing a passenger in a Ford pickup drinking a beer in the 700 block on Vine St. The officer observed a 12 pack in clear sight and asked the driver and passenger drinking if he could search the vehicle after being told by the driver he didn’t know who the alcohol belonged to. Upon search, several empty cans and containers were found throughout the vehicle. The driver finally confessed to being the owner of the truck and was detained. The driver was given a citation for Open Container. And the passenger was ordered to dispose of all alcohol on scene and reported to Student Development for an alcohol violation.

Sept. 16

18-004998 At 3:01 P.M. an officer was dispatched to the Starbucks at the library in question of a No Contact order violation. A female student was working behind the counter with her back to the register when the male student she has the report against was ordering. The female walked to the storage area and sent a text to her manager who got in contact with the police. The male was gone by the time the officer arrived and the female reported to have just been startled. The officer gave her a business card for Title IX and other counseling services.

Sept. 19

18-005054 At 12:30 A.M. UTCPD was dispatched to 720 Oak St. in regards to suspicious activity. A reporting party stated a male was knocking on their door for ten minutes. Upon arrival, police found the suspect attempting to enter an apartment in which he did not live. The suspect had glazed over eyes, difficulty in speaking, and smelt of alcohol. The suspect could not follow orders nor could he properly answer questions. The officers assisted him to the patrol vehicle to be transferred to Walnut and will be charged with underage consumption and public intoxication.

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