Crime Log from Sept. 28 to Oct. 4

Graphic by Alina Hunter-Grah

Compiled by Eric Wise, Assistant News Editor —

Sept. 28 

17-007242 UTC Police were dispatched to the Mapp Building for a report of a man urinating in Lot 56 earlier in the day. A staff member said she pulled into the parking lot and saw a man urinating. She stated that he was facing her and made no attempt to cover himself. The officer could not get a description of the man. Police patrolled the building and nearby parking lots and did not see anyone in the area.

17-007248 UTC Police dispatch was notified by radio of a pedestrian being struck. An officer had radioed in that he had struck a skateboarder at McCallie Avenue and Palmetto Street. The skateboarder had been riding in the wrong lane and as the officer made a right turn onto Palmetto Street, the skateboarder struck the right front corner of his car. The skateboarder slid upon the roof of his car then fell off. The victim, who was not a UTC student, was alert and conscious. She stated that she was homeless and stays in local shelters. She was complaining of pain in her chest and eye. Chattanooga Fire Department arrived to provide first-aid, but the victim refused treatment. A Hamilton County EMS service arrived, and the victim again refused treatment or transport. The Chattanooga Police Department arrived to work the scene, with UTC Police assisting in traffic control. CPD allowed the lady to leave the scene.

Sept. 29

17-007270 A woman entered the UTC Police Department seeking information about a possible warrant for her arrest out of Pennsylvania. She stated that she has been in a treatment center in Chattanooga for the past month, and was just released. A friend notified that Philadelphia Police had come by her home in Pennsylvania with a warrant for her arrest. The woman was unable to confirm the warrant and asked the UTC Police to help.

The dispatch center checked the NCIC database that showed she had a warrant against her for Contempt of Court. An officer contacted the Philadelphia Police Department who advised that the contempt was for violation of a restraining order. He stated that this type of warrant did not require extradition. The Philadelphia officer asked that the woman stop at any Philadelphia police station when she gets back to settle the warrant.

Oct. 1

17-007308 At 9:58 p.m. an officer responded to a report of two suspicious persons at Stophel Apartments. The two were reported to be wearing animal masks and harassing students in the Stophel courtyard. The officer made contact with the suspects carrying the masks, later identified as two juvenile males. The two stated they were not UTC students and were only charging their phones while visiting their cousin. One of the juvenile males became belligerent with police, shouting profanities and acting aggressively  toward police. The police told them to contact their parents or legal guardians.

The one juvenile continued to act belligerent, and refused to contact anyone. This suspect was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct. The other juvenile contacted a parent who agreed to pick him up the police station on campus. It was discovered that the two juveniles were brothers. The mother of the juveniles was informed of the action being taken against both of her sons. The first suspect was transported to JDU where he continued to use profane language during transport and on arrival towards both police and corrections personnel. The second suspect was released to the mother’s custody.

Oct. 2 

17-007319 At 11:54 a.m. an officer responded to a reckless endangerment call at Decosimo Apartments. An RA told officers that during health and safety inspections, she noticed a smoke detector covered with tape and a plastic bag. The resident director was on scene, and removed the bag from the detector. The resident was cited to Student Development for tampering with the smoke detector.

Oct. 3

17-007349 At 9:41 a.m. an officer responded to a medical emergency at the UC. The officer went to the third floor and made contact with the injured party. The injured person was identified as a minor, and the injury an accident. Hamilton County EMS arrived and transported the party to Erlanger.

17-007359 An officer was dispatch to Boling Apartments for an illegally parked vehicle. The resident director stated the truck was parked in a 15 minute loading zone for several hours. The license plate on the truck was not in the Parking Services database. The vehicle had a Chattanooga State parking decal. The truck was issued a parking citation. The RD stated that the truck had parked in the spot several times during the week for extended periods of time. He wished to have the truck towed. While radioing in the tow request, the vehicle’s owner came out to the truck.

The driver was identified, and informed about the parking limit in the area he was parked. He stated he understood and had just been coming to visit a friend. While talking to the driver, the officer noticed a large amount of used shotgun shells scattered in the bed of the truck. The officer asked if there was a weapon in the vehicle, and the driver stated no. The officer asked to conduct a search of the vehicle, to which the driver complied. During the search, the officer found more ammunition and a black handgun behind the passenger seat. The driver was then placed in handcuffs for his and the officer’s safety. The officer radioed in the gun and asked for an assisting officer. The owner stated that he forgot the gun was in the truck. When asked if he had a permit, the owner said he didn’t and that the gun was a gift from his grandfather. The gun was not listed as stolen. The officers seized the weapon and trespassed the owner from all UTC property. He was informed that his grandfather would have to claim the gun from UTC Police. The driver was released and informed of his trespass status.

Oct. 4

17-007374 At 10:14 a.m. an officer responded to First Hall in reference to a panic alarm in a classroom. The officer made contact with a faculty member who was engaged in verbal dialogue with a student. The student was exhibiting severe behavioral tendencies. The reporting officer made contact with the student’s guardian and arrangements were made for the parent to escort the student from campus. There were no injuries noted as a result of the incident.

Eric Wise

Eric Wise

Assistant News Editor

Eric Wise is the assistant news editor for the Echo. He is a junior studying communications and minoring in business. Eric likes to go for a long drive with no real destination while listening to his favorite podcasts.

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