Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Copy Editor—

Sept. 9

19-004542 At 4:58 P.M. a victim went into UTCD to report the following that happened on Sept. 2nd: the victim and friends got picked up from by an uber at an outlet mall in Calhoun, Georgia. The victim realized he had left his phone in the back of the vehicle and sent an email to Uber to report the incident but had heard no response. Officers called the Gainesville Police Department to assist. 


Sept. 10

19-004559 At 1:47 P.M. an officer was dispatched to 901 Douglas St.for a dispute. Upon arrival, the officer witnessed two parties yelling who were hesitant to stop walking when advised to. The parties stated they were upset because of the application process at Aramark. The officer checked their licenses and came back negative for warrants. They were advised to watch their behavior in public.


Sept. 12

19-004600 At 12:00 P.M. an officer on duty was approached by a male returning found property. The male was delivering food and when walking in the parking lot of the Administrative Services Building found an “Armed Forces” i.d. The officer located the person it belonged to and returned it.


19-004593 At 12:35 A.M. an officer on patrol heard an active alarm going off in the doctors building. Upon arrival, there was an unsecured door on the southwest side of the building. No other parties were found on scene.


Sept. 13

19-004624 At 6:22 A.M. officers responded to a burglar alarm at the doctors building. The officers were unable to locate any signs of forced entry but made contact with a party who was unaware of the alarm system. 


19-004631 At 8:58 A.M. officers were once again dispatched to the doctors building for a burglar alarm. The officers noticed the alarms were silenced and reset. After police secured all entrances on the bottom level and armed the building.

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