Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Copy Editor—

Oct 17

19-005261 At 6:48 P.M. officers were dispatched to 530 Vine St. in regards to a domestic assault. The female victim advised she ended a relationship with the known offender the day prior and had gone to retrieve a personal item. The victim said the offender refused to let her have the item and sat on it, but when he had stood she grabbed it and went to leave the room. Then the offender grabbed her upper arm and pushed her towards the door and forcifully out of the room. The officers noticed the victim had red marks on her upper arm. The officers tried to make contact with the suspect, but were unable to at the time, and the victim stated she didn’t want to prosecute at this time. She was given information to resources on and off campus.


19-005262 At 6:55 P.M. officers on patrol were approached by concerned parties stating they believe they heard screaming and someone yelling for help at 720 Oak St.. Officers were shown which room was in question and discovered a male outside of the apartment and a female inside. The two parties advised they were moving the female’s stuff into a new dorm and had started yelling at each other because she thought her boyfriend wasn’t helping. They advised the dispute was only verbal and were separated for the evening.


Oct. 18 

19-005261 At 11:36 A.M. officers arrived to Johnson O’Bear Apartments to issue a warrant for domestic assault that happened the day prior. The suspect was patted down and placed into custody to be transported to Hamilton County Jail after filling out a voluntary statement. The suspect advised police, “I was not dodging you guys, she said she was going to get her brother to beat me up.”


Oct 20

19-005294 At 12:08 A.M. an officer on patrol observed a vehicle behind Brown Academy with two passengers residing inside, and based on lnowledge that this was a popular place for people to smoke marijauna, the officer flashed his alley light onto the car. The passenger then tried to conceal herself, so the officer came over and observed a cloud of smoke coming from inside and the odor of marijuana. The officer was given consent to search the vehicle after being advised by the driver there was a jar of marijuana in the backseat. The suspects were issued a citation for simple possession and reffered to student affairs.

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