Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Copy Editor—

Oct. 3 

19-005044 Officers were dispatched to 515 Vine St. in regards to an assault and theft. Upon arrival, officers met with several parties who advised they had been talking outside when a car pulled up. The suspect got out of the vehicle and asked the parties for $40 which they replied that they didn’t have, and then the suspect took a biology packet and ran off. One of the victims attempted to chase down the suspect who further began to assault the victim with the help of a passenger in the vehicle. Officers were able to make contact with the suspect at 720 Oak St., and upon arrival the officers asked for the suspect’s side to which he advised he was just trying to collect a debt, but was very evasive. The officers noticed marijuana in the apartment and that the suspect was under the influence. The suspect was charged with two accounts of assault, reckless endangerment, theft of property, simple possession of marijuana and underage possession of alcohol. 


Oct. 4

19-005044 At 11:10 A.M. officers relocated to Lockmiller Apartments in attempt to serve two warrants to the suspect of the earlier assault. The officers were given consent to entry and escorted the suspect to UTCPD in reference to an “interim suspension” letter from student affairs. The suspect was given a copy of the documentation, and was placed under arrest for theft and assault. The suspect gave up his dorm key and mocs card before being transported to Hamilton County Jail. 


Oct. 8

19-005120 At 11:37 A.M. an officer was contacted by a faculty member in reference to a harassing/ stalking incident from a business vendor. The party advised their department had done business previously with the vendor but decided to no longer use them. From late Sept. to early Oct., the vendor repeatedly contacted the victim via landline, cell phone and email. The victim advised that he was never threatened by the suspect but feared he would come to campus looking for him. The officer contacted the suspect and explained there was no further need for contact and was trespassed from campus.


Oct. 16

19-005244 At 6:37 P.M. an officer was contacted by an R.A. from Stophel Apartments who found several drug paraphernalia in a residence while conducting health and safety checks. Upon arrival, the officer could smell marijuana and was led to the bedroom in question. In plain view, the officer was able to identify several items as drug paraphernalia. At this point, the suspect arrived on scene and gave consent to search the room and the suspect handed over 10.5 grams of marijuana. Upon further search, the officer located several blotter squares wrapped in aluminum foil, that from the officer’s training had advised him to believe it was LSD along with alcohol and other drug related items. The officer has the suspect dispose of the alcohol on scene and when questioned of the foil packets, advised it was believed to be LSD and that he found them on the sidewalk and failed to contact police. The suspect was placed in handcuffs and transported to the Hamilton County Jail and all evidence was logged into UTCPD


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