Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Assistant News Editor —


Oct. 11


18-005571 At 9:50 P.M. UTCPD was dispatched to 400 Palmetto in lieu of a missing juvenile report. The juvenile from Coffee County was contacted by their sheriff’s office advising her that she violated the law by leaving her home without guardian permission. The suspect attempted to go to CPD, but after seeing it was closed, came to UTCPD. The officers contacted Coffee County Sheriff’s office and confirmed the missing juvenile. They were told to keep her detained until her mother could come get her.


Oct. 12


18-005586 At 4:02 P.M. an officer received a call from a female student reporting a former boyfriend was harassing her. The male drove down to Chattanooga to seek her out where he saw her walking with another male student. The suspect took a photo of the street sign close to the victim’s proximity and sent it to her. The suspect also posted on social media with inappropriate comments regarding the situation. The victim was not on campus to be interviewed, but the officer provided resource information and spoke with the Women’s Center about the case as requested by the victim.


Oct. 13


18-005600 At 1:57 P.M. an officer was dispatched to Boling Apartments in regards to a burglary. Upon arrival, the officer contacted the Resident Director who informed that the dorm in question was entered by an unknown party while the residents were all away on fall break, and two bedrooms were forcibly opened. One resident returned early that morning to find two bedroom doors damaged and preceded to take photos of his roommates’ rooms to confirm if anything was missing. Nothing of value was reported to be stolen, and the exterior door and windows had no signs of a forcible entrance. The resident informed the officer of a conversation he overheard the day prior of fraternity members breaking into the rooms of pledges. Both rooms that were forced open belong to residents who are currently pledging. The allegations have not been confirmed.


Oct. 15


18-005624 At 8:14 P.M. officers were dispatched to Lot 36 to investigate reports from a passer-by advising three individuals were shooting off fireworks. Upon arrival, the officers spotted an SUV containing three people in the back of the lot. As they approached, the driver tried to slowly leave the lot, but stopped when the officer signaled to do so. The passenger in the car confirmed they had been shooting fireworks, and due to the suspicious activity and the smell of what could be marijuana, the officer asked to search the car. Once given consent, the officer detected a bag belonging to the driver with a strong odor of marijuana to be containing several fireworks and three unopened beer bottles. Officers confirmed the driver was underaged and charged him with underage possession as well as dumped the alcohol on scene.


Oct. 18


18-005671 At 11:01 P.M. an officer on foot patrol spotted two parties sitting on a bench by the Sim Center and smelt marijuana. As the officer approached, they attempted to leave but were stopped. The female suspect confirmed she was a student but that her boyfriend was not. Once the suspects admitted to smoking, the officer called for assistance from another officer and ran their names in the F.I. database. The male was in possession of a pill bottle containing a burnt marijuana cigarette and had an active warrant from Hamilton County Jail for pocket picking. The male was arrested and transported to Hamilton County while the female was referred to student development for drug use.

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