Crime Log: October 26-November 2

Compiled by Haley Bartlett, Assistant News Editor—

Oct. 26

18-005862 At 1:10 A.M. officers were dispatched to 805 Douglas St. on a medical call. Upon arrival, the officers were given entry by the roommate of the victim who was having trouble breathing. The officers could smell burnt marijuana in the room and asked the victim if he had been smoking to which the victim stated he had been both drinking and smoking. The officers called Hamilton County EMS to come assist. Once the victim gave consent, the officers conducted a search and found 1.5 grams of marijuana and alcohol. The medics stated the victim had a drug related seizure weeks prior. The alcohol was disposed of on scene, and the drugs were logged into evidence.


Oct. 27

18-005897 At 4:04 A.M. officers reported to Oak St. for a civil dispute. The complainant informed officers he could not get into his apartment due to the suspect, his ex-girlfriend, being in his bedroom. Once the officers gained entry, the suspect was found asleep in the victim’s bed. His roommate confirmed he had let the suspect in. The suspect was escorted out of the apartment and reported back to her own. The officers advised both parties to cease all contact with each other.


Oct. 28

18-005917 At 12:52 A.M. an officer on patrol at 605 E 5th St. observed smoke inside of a parked vehicle. The officers smelled marijuana and spotted three suspects inside the car upon arrival. The officer ordered for all parties to exit the vehicle, two of whom were students. The suspects were found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana and alcohol which were disposed of at the scene, The officer told the two student suspects that they would be referred to student development while the non-student juvenile was released into the custody of a guardian.


Oct. 29

18-005964 At 11:06 P.M. officers were dispatched to 501 Oak St. on a delayed report of a possible aggravated burglary. The victim stated she had locked herself in the bathroom for over an hour while she believed a suspect had entered her room. Dispatch advised the suspect was no longer there and that the R.A. and R.D. was already with the victim. The victim stated she heard noises in the common areas before the sound of a door opening and closing when she was finally able to retrieve her phone and call.


Oct. 308

18-005974 At 3:05 P.M. an officer was dispatched to West Campus Housing for a report of narcotics. Upon arrival, the officer gained entry by the residents of the room in question and was given consent to search. The officer discovered several grams of wax, butane hash oil, and marijuana along with a bag containing drug paraphernalia and MDMA. Both suspects were referred to student development for drug possession. The officer also located three live rounds of .38 special ammunition which belonged to one of the suspects. The rounds were seized by police and all drugs and paraphernalia was put into evidence.  

Logan Garrett

Logan Garrett


Logan Garrett hails from Vonore, Tennessee and was named Editor-In-Chief of the University Echo in May 2018. He is a communication major with a psychology and Spanish double minor. Logan is also an associate editor for UReCA, an undergraduate research publication journal. You can reach him at or on twitter @LoganGarrett__.

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