Critic’s Corner: Final season of “Breaking Bad” promises thrills, killer endings

By Aanen Butz, Chattanooga, TN–Breaking Bad Episode 9-12

The biggest mystery about AMC’s hit drama, “Breaking Bad,” is how it seemingly took everyone so long to officially declare Walter White a “bad guy?”

Am I missing something?

Did he not murder a potential rival meth cook in the pilot episode? Did he not dissolve that person’s body with acid and proceed to torture his cousin in episode two? Or strangle that man to death with a bicycle lock in episode three?

The point here obviously being that, by this point, nothing he does should ever surprise us.

Yet, somehow, we the viewer end up either ignoring his evils, or worse, cheering him on.

Shouldn’t we be wanting Hank to catch Walt? And why won’t we admit that Skylar really should have left him from the beginning?

It’s not like we can blame Jesse for feeling the way he does about Mr. White after all of the conniving, life-destroying, manipulation he has endured at his hands.

As the last few episodes of this stunning time-bomb of a drama tick away, I can’t exactly foresee the great and glorious Heisenberg doing anything to redeem himself.

“But he did it for his family!” said everyone.

Right, and so did Pablo Escobar.

And now that my mini-rant is over, I must give credit where it is due.

“Breaking Bad” is one of the greatest TV shows ever produced.

It can tell you more about a character in 30 seconds of silence than most shows could in an entire season. It can build more tension in one conversation than most shows could in an entire series.

I’m sure that the same will hold true for what is sure to be an epic conclusion.

Overall: 9/10

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