Delectable Spots: Mojo Burrito

By Cole Winton, Advertising Manager—

If what you’re expecting is authentic Mexican cuisine, you won’t find it here. That’s simply not their style and they own that. That being said, they know their place. Their style is more than food and that’s where this gets exciting.

While the food at Mojo Burrito may not be considered authentic, the style is. This restaurant is not afraid to be distinct. The process of ordering is one that allows you to interact. Using what is essentially an assembly line, you get to make your food uniquely yours. The style here is youthful and fun loving.

Now don’t let the idea of the food not being authentic leave you thinking it isn’t tasty. In fact, it is quite good. With the ability to make your own entree, the options are endless. Mojo Burrito offers a variety of entrees and several meat options with plenty of additional toppings. This all at a great price.

What is one thing that makes an individual feel comfortable? Familiarity. That is what you will find here. I’ve spent the past eleven months attending the St. Elmo location every Sunday afternoon and see the same faces that I saw from the very first visit (there is another location on Dayton Blvd). What that provides me with is an enjoyable environment for food and fun with no worries of judgment.

There are certain restaurants that have such a memorable experience simply due to their environment. Take Rainforest Cafe for example. The food, while decent, isn’t what actually makes you want to go, it’s the atmosphere that surrounds you. You know going in that memories are to be had because of the activities and scenes around you. This is what you will experience at Mojo Burrito.  From its vibrant and colorful outside, to its unique interior with an array of interesting light fixtures, you’ll find yourself intrigued no matter where you are.

Finally, let’s revisit the food. Now I have had some good food in my lifetime. Some better and some worse than Mojo. That’s the thing, Mojo isn’t the best food I’ve ever had. However, it’s consistently good and consistency is what I desire. It’s something we all desire. That is what you can find here.

There is a lot to be said about Mojo Burrito and what it has to offer. What I’ll leave you with is that Mojo is a place for good food and fun and memories to last a lifetime. While I compared it to other establishments in this review, it truly is one above the rest.
Mojo Burrito. Let them roll one for you.

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