Diability awareness month brings events

By Eleanor Angel, Chattanooga, TN–The month of October is disability awareness month, and The UTC Disability Resource Center has several events planned throughout the month to support this cause.

Administrative Assistant to the Disability Resource Center Emily Quinn said she has worked with the Disability Resource Center for three years now.

“Honestly I just kind of developed a passion for it,” Quinn said. “You grow as a person just by being in an environment that stretches you. I learn something new every day.”

Quinn is helping host the events that the Disability Resource Center is putting on to support disability awareness month.

Preston Colling, a Chattanooga sophomore, said, “It’s a very important thing for people to be aware of the disabilities and hardships people go through, and I think it is great that there is a whole month for that.”

Colling said that the Chattanooga zoo is celebrating disability awareness month Oct. 6, and he may attend with his family.

The Disability Resource Center will also be making t-shirts that have “This is what a disability looks like” written on them.

“Very often, disabilities are invisible,” Quinn said. The t-shirts are to help support awareness. The back of the shirts read “Any questions?”

Quinn said if any students see someone wearing the t-shirt, they should feel free to ask any questions they have.

The Disability Resource Center will have an open house on Halloween.

Quinn said the center encourages students to stop by even if it is just to get some candy, a cupcake or just dress up in a halloween costume.

Other events that focus on students with disabilities will be on campus in October, including book club discussions, a technology showcase, and a Disability Advocacy Day where all students are encouraged to wear the shirt for Disability Awareness Month.

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