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By Jason McDaniel, Assistant Sports Editor —

In the NBA All-Star game this year, Lebron James reminded us once again that even at 33 years old, he is not a player to laugh at.

In this year’s All-Star game, we saw what everyone looks forward to at the end of the season-Playoff Lebron. Playoff Lebron is a monster. The drive, the determination to win is visible in his eyes. He’s one of the deadliest players in the league, but also one of the most decorated. Lebron is a 14x All-Star, all of them being in a row.

Lebron hasn’t missed out on the ASG since 2004. The last time he won MVP in the ASG was 2008, a decade ago. If anything, this just goes to show that he’s kept his dominance and his strength all these years, and he’s still going to fight to prove himself.

James has won the NBA Championship three times and won finals MVP three times, and hopes to compete for more in years to come.

This season his chances look bleak, his team’s energy and explosiveness just wasn’t there after they traded their point guard, Kyrie Irving, to the Boston Celtics for an injured and non-impactful Isaiah Thomas. The Cavaliers traded away Thomas, away with many other players at the trade deadline this season, with hopes that their gains would outweigh their losses and that they would put themselves back into contention. The last time James missed the NBA Finals was in 2010. To put that in perspective, “OMG” by Usher and Will.I.Am was number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Lebron James has had quite the career outside of the NBA as well. He is a 3x Olympic Medalist, a high school basketball champion, and he just recently decided to open a school in Akron, Ohio that will aim to help kids who are falling behind in their studies. He says it’s the most important thing he’s ever done, besides having three kids, marrying his wife, and making sure his mom won’t have any more worries for the rest of her life.

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