By Eric Sisson

Chattanooga, Tenn.–UTC senior golfer Sarah Dolmovich, from Chattanooga, puts the student in the term student-athlete.

Dolmovich, who is not seeking a career in professional golf like many of her teammates, has put in equal or even more amount of work in the classroom as she has on the course.

“I do equally focus on golf and school,” Dolmovich said. “It is hard to do sometimes, but those are my two priorities. I have to give just as much effort, energy and time to golf as I do to school. I think because I want to succeed so badly at graphic design, I don’t necessarily care about grades, but I care about learning and experience.”

Dolmovich says she does not necessarily focus on the grades, but the learning experiences involved with learning instead. Her hard work learning the details of her major has been evident in her academic achievements. Dolmovich has been named to the Dean’s List on numerous occasions, and has been named to the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll as well.

The graphic design major is passionate about her work, and wants to help and work with people with the skills she has learned in a prestigious graphic design program at UTC in which only 12 people are accepted into each year.

“I have always been a people person. I knew early on I wanted to do something in my life that allowed me to work with people,” Dolmovich said. “Later in high school I realized I was pretty good at drawing, making designs and making posters so that kind of translated into what can I do with that? What relation to business and people can I have with art?”

The program is actually what led Dolmovich back to UTC after a stint at Birmingham Southern College right out of high school.

Dolmovich originally had plans of playing collegiate basketball while at Signal Mountain High School, but a knee injury her junior year hampered those aspirations.

“I was actually a really big basketball player growing up, and I was pretty set on playing college basketball,” Dolmovich said. “My junior year of high school, I blew out my ACL really bad. I had surgery and had like 12 months of rehab. That kind of put my basketball dreams down the drain.”

With the added focus and time spent on golf, Dolmovich began seeing improvements in her game and decided to give collegiate golf a try. While at Signal Mountain, Dolmovich won the Eagle’s first-ever golf state title, but Dolmovich still felt her game needed to get better before trying to compete at the Division I level.

At Birmingham Southern, Dolmovich enhanced her game even further while also figuring out what she wanted to do academically. Her play led to the opportunity to transfer to UTC on a golf scholarship, which also allowed her to pursue her dreams of being a graphic designer; a major Birmingham Southern did not have.

Now as her college career is on the downhill stretch, Dolmovich already has the opportunity for work upon completion of college. Her freelance work over the last three years as well as a recent internship has opened up at least two job opportunities for Dolmovich upon graduation.

“I have one more summer to intern. I hope to go to New York, Chicago or San Francisco to get out and explore a little bit That is my goal for now,” Dolmovich said.