By Mark Drinkard, Staff Writer—

During Yancy Freeman’s twenty-six years on this campus much has changed, but his dedication and commitment to students remains a constant in his life with UTC.

After graduating in the Spring of 1992, Freeman started his career at UTC as a recruiter.

Over the years he has served a number of positions and contributed greatly to UTC’s success, and recently he received the honor of being named the next Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management, Student Affairs, and Student Success.

He was happy to have the opportunity presented to him and enjoys his new role, saying: “I have learned a lot, I have enjoyed the experience, I really like the folks who are in the Student Affairs division and their commitment…I appreciate Chancellor Angle for having confidence in me.”

Although he has grown to become an integral part of UTC and has been a major component of student success, he still sets higher ambitions for his career.

Despite his aspirations to reach even higher, Freeman keeps his focus on the tasks and challenges at hand.

“It was two divisions before, two separate divisions,” he explains of his department. “Now I’ve got to work on how I now collapse them into one around the activities there, and I think the thing that binds it together is student success.”

Freeman has had much success in increasing graduation and retention rates, especially of low-income and minority students, and hopes to keep that momentum going forward.

He wants to continue supporting students as they grow into contributing members of the UTC community, and he believes this process really starts at recruitment.

Along these lines, Freeman explains that he wants to make the process of orientation as

transparent as possible, and give students all the essential information and assistance

that they may need.

First impressions are not everything, but they are a vital part of attracting new students.

Freeman explains that “One student with one bad experience outweighs any

recruiting dollar that I can spend… word of mouth is powerful, so we want to make

sure folks have positive things to say about the campus.”

Even still, the real challenges come after recruitment concludes and the responsibility

transitions into one of guiding students towards a successful life in college, and ultimately, a degree.

Freeman is proud of the work he has done so far in that realm and feels confident he can continue to strengthen UTC’s community through his knowledge of the field.

Off-campus, he continues to be involved in the education of Chattanoogans across the city, and he was recently appointed as a board member of the Public Education Foundation.

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