by Gabrielle Chevalier

Andrew Torok
Andrew Torok was charged with three counts of aggravated assault, one count of disorderly conduct, one count of evading arrest, and one count of vandalism from the incident April 12.


Police charged a UTC student with aggravated assault and vandalism for allegedly vandalizing Walker Apartments and assaulting officers after he reportedly took the drugs PCP and LSD.

Although the student’s claim that he took the drugs have not been confirmed with hospital test results, UTC Police Chief Robert Ratchford said the behavior of 18-year-old Andrew Joseph Torok, a UTC freshman, was typical of someone on PCP.

Police initially responded to a call of a male walking down the hallway of the building with blood all over his body, according to the police report of the incident.

“He was a resident of [Walker], so he did have legitimate access,” Ratchford said.

Two responding officers located Torok on the fifth floor of Walker Apartments, and the suspect “was immediately combative” with the officers, according to the report.

The student reportedly also threatened the officers and began screaming, “I’m going to kill my parents; I’m going to kill you.”

“He challenged the officers, he threatened the officers and he charged the officers,” Ratchford said. “He just was not coherent; he was not in his right state of mind.”

According to the report, a witness to the beginning of the incident said Torok became “wild and out of control and walked toward the patio doors and punched said doors with his fist.”

After shattering the doors, Torok “ran down the hallway and struck the sheet rock wall twice near the stairwell.”

University police arrived and found Torok, who was “bleeding profusely,” according to the report.

Authorities used a Taser on Torok during the incident a total of three times, Ratchford said.

He continued to be combative against officers even after the Taser was used and was given two sedatives by responding emergency medical staff to help calm him.

It took between three and five police officers to restrain Torok after police used a Taser on him, and they put him on a gurney to transport him to Erlanger Medical Center, Ratchford said.

“When we got [to the scene] he was in medical distress … He may have scars for the rest of his life,” he said.

Ratchford said the elevator Torok used to go between floors in the building looked as though someone had “slaughtered a hog in it” from the amount of blood coming from injuries he sustained during the incident.

After authorities put him into an emergency vehicle headed to Erlanger Medical Center, he freed himself from the restraints and assaulted the officer riding in the vehicle with him, according to the report.

Torok kicked the officer “into the rear doors of the ambulance with his right leg, leaving a laceration on his forehead,” according to the report.

He then kicked the officer again and spit into the face of a paramedic before being restrained by the officer he assaulted.

Three responding police were required to be decontaminated for bodily fluids (blood) once Torok was under control in Erlanger, Ratchford said.

The Office of Safety and Risk Management coordinated a cleanup of Walker Apartments by a contracted Hazmat cleanup team, Ratchford said.

Upon his release from Erlanger, authorities took Torok to Hamilton County Jail on six initial warrants, Ratchford said. Additional charges are pending further investigation.

Torok is not allowed to come on campus unless escorted by police, he said.

Chuck Cantrell, associate vice chancellor for communication and marketing, said the police responded appropriately and quickly.

“On behalf of the university and UTC Housing, we are appreciative for the quick response given by our campus police and local responders,” he said. “Because of their swift action, more serious injury and more extensive damage were avoided. Providing a safe learning and living environment is always of primary concern to us, and we are thankful this situation was handled in such a professional manner.”


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