Joakim Roth, Chattanooga, Tenn.—Get ready to hang loose; UTC has recently acquired a wakeboarding club team.

Nick Powers, a sophomore from Johnson City, Tenn. and Spencer Klein, a senior from Kingston, Tenn. have started the process of organizing a wakeboard/waterskiing club at UTC.

“Spencer and I decided that this could be a possibility 2 or 3 weeks before school started,” Powers said.

Both students are wakeboarding enthusiasts and are hoping to create a club for other students interested in the sport as well. Powers and Klein have been interested in the sport for a while and are hoping that the club will turn into something more than a hobby.

“We’re trying to model the club after UTK’s wakeboarding team. They won nationals last year and have a pretty good setup,” Klein said.

When UTC’s wakeboarding team becomes official they will join 53 other collegiate wakeboarding teams, he said.

The club is still in the build-up process and Klien is hoping the University will help out with a budget for the start up. The club’s Facebook page has  gained 121 members, and both Powers and Klein say that interest in the club is growing.

“Because interest in the club is growing, a lot of people have been asking questions about when the club will officially start. So we’re hoping to hear back from the University about the budget on soon,” Powers said. “Our main priority as of right now is trying to get a wakeboarding boat.” noted that riders will be judged by tricks, style, composition, and execution. Powers and Klein are hoping that paperwork and financing will work out soon, so they can begin practicing for the upcoming tournaments in the fall.

“Right now we’re just going out and riding with friends. Hopefully once the financing works out, we can go out and start practicing as a team. Once we have a boat everything will come together,” Powers said.

Although Powers and Klein are not as well acquainted with water-skiing, the club is not only limited to wakeboarding, they said.

“We want skiers to feel just as welcome as wake boarders. There’s a girl that nationally ranked in slalomskiing that has said that she is interested in water-skiing, so we’ll have some help in that area,” Powers said.

If you are interested in finding out more about the team, you can check their Facebook page “UTC Wakeboard & Waterski Club.”

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