Editorial: After Spring Break stress


Cartoon by Dionna Moore

Spring Break is great, but coming back into the semester with just a month left can be stressful. Having tests, projects and final exams thrown at you in the span of a month can be stressful and difficult to deal with.

The Echo staff all agree that Spring Break is worth the stress, but not everyone agrees on how stressful it actually is or how to prepare for the end of the semester. Some staff members don’t really get fazed by the last month of school. They said that they keep up with their work, sometimes use Spring Break to start projects or work on assignments due when they return for classes. Others think that it’s a very stressful time, especially when teachers assign work over the break.

We believe that teachers should acknowledge and understand that students often travel for the break and appreciate a stress-free vacation. With that, the staff agrees that teachers shouldn’t assign projects over break, and be mindful of when they make projects due after we get back.

Some schools have made their Spring Breaks later in the year to coincide with Easter. None of the staff think that UTC should look into doing that, as that puts the break too close to finals. One staff member pointed out that students look forward to that extra day off around Easter after a stressful rush back into the semester.

No matter how you spend your Spring Break, or how well you prepare to come back to school, the staff agrees that there isn’t enough time after the break to bring grades up that have slipped too far down. Thankfully, UTC gives students until the end of Spring Break to drop classes, if you are willing to put a withdrawal “W” on your transcript until you retake the course.

No matter how stressful it is, the staff agrees that Spring Break is a great time to relax and not worry about school. We just wish the weather was a little better this time around.


Eric Wise

Eric Wise

Assistant News Editor

Eric Wise is the assistant news editor for the Echo. He is a junior studying communications and minoring in business. Eric likes to go for a long drive with no real destination while listening to his favorite podcasts.

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